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Metodika pro katalogizaci tisků bibliofilské povahy
Glombová, Hana
Metodika vznikla jako jeden z výstupů projektu Bibliofilie ve fondech Moravské zemské knihovny v Brně, v jehož rámci probíhalo zpracování a zpřístupňování bibliofilského fondu čtenářům. Bibliofilie disponují oproti knihám běžného fondu řadou specifik, proto je třeba je popsat jinak, detailněji. Metodika přináší zaměstnancům institucí (knihoven a muzeí), které bibliofilie spravují, návod, jak katalogizovat tyto vzácné tisky podle pravidel RDA ve formátu MARC 21 tak, aby pro výsledné záznamy byla maximalizována využitelnost záznamů a přístupnost fondu čtenáři z řad laické i odborné veřejnosti.
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Communicative Formats in the Czech Republic with a Focus on the Reasons for the Transition from UNIMARC to MARC 21
Oppelt, Šimon ; Rösslerová, Klára (advisor) ; Buřilová, Marcela (referee)
The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to describe and analyse communicative formats which have been used for communications of bibliographic data in the last 25 years in the Czech republic. The first chapter outlines the structure of a generalized exchange format as specified in ISO 2709 Information and documentation - Format for information exchange. In a detailed chapter 2 the main characteristics, pros and cons of four communicative formats are presented (including Czechoslovak Exchange Format and its predecessor Common Data Structure, UNIMARC and MARC 21 formats). The third chapter tries to examine the reasons for the the abandonment of UNIMARC format and the adoption of MARC 21 in 2004 in the Czech republic. Chapter 3 also explains the international circumstances under which the process of transition occured. In conclusion the thesis sumps up the development in the field of communicative formats used in the Czech republic from 1988 until now.
Methodology for Cataloguing of the Book Provenance Records and of the Book Owners
Kašparová, Jaroslava ; Šípek, Richard
The methodology for cataloguing of the provenance notes and marks in books in the MARC 21 cataloguing format is an issue of the PROVENIO Project: The Method of Book Provenance Research, which was carried out by the National Museum Library during the years 2012–2015. It briefly summarises the existing cataloguing recommendations and the basic adjustment and expansion of the MARC 21 cataloguing format, some inspired by the modifications introduced by the CERL, others proposed by the National Museum Library. The cataloguing recommendations concern both the MARC 21 cataloguing format for bibliographic records and modify some of its parts for it to be utilisable also for a detailed description of provenance notes and marks on the one hand, and on the other hand the format for authority data, which has been adjusted and expanded so as to meet the requirements on cataloguing and sufficient characteristics of the owners of books (individuals, families, corporations) and their book collections. Particular attention has been paid to the issues of linking various fields of bibliographic entries related to one particular provenance mark. The methodology further presents a controlled thesaurus for the cataloguing and description of provenance marks, which has been implemented in cataloguing systems as an authority file.
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