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Dependability Assessment Based on SMC
Gajdošík, Róbert ; Lojda, Jakub (oponent) ; Strnadel, Josef (vedoucí práce)
The aim of this thesis is assessing dependability of computerized systems using modelling and simulation. After establishing basic nomenclature, research was performed on de- pendability metrics, fault taxonomy and dependability bolstering techniques. Afterwards, analytical solutions were explored to be used as a reference point. Next, multiple simulation tools were assessed and Uppaal SMC was chosen as the most suitable tool because of it’s timed automaton framework enriched with a query language and multiple Simulation Model Checking tools. Finally, systems describing multiple relevant situations were implemented and evaluated against both themselves and the analytically computed reference point.
Energy Harvesting for Industry 4.0 Applications
Gajdošík, Róbert ; Šimek, Václav (oponent) ; Smrž, Pavel (vedoucí práce)
The aim of this thesis is to estimate industrial applications of energy harvesting in industry 4.0. As a part of this project, a working prototype was constructed using a piezoelectric harvester and appropriate sensory equipment. A vibration sensor was chosen as the most appropriate solution for measuring vibrations emanated by the object being observed. Subsequently, a software solution was developed for calculating the frequency of the vibrations using analog sensor input handled by an analog-digital converter. The result is a tested prototype of a self-powered sensor capable of sending warning messages when detecting anomalous vibration frequencies emanating from the monitored object.