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Recycling modern cars
Borik, Matúš ; Charvát, Pavel (oponent) ; Štětina, Josef (vedoucí práce)
The Earth has been facing a large overuse of recycling limits regarding organic and inorganic raw materials, causing a lack of capacity for greenhouse gas absorption. The automobile industry has taken off rapidly in recent decades and has a stake in this issue. A significant negative impact on car production growth is resource extraction, which brings up several environmental concerns, such as the depletion of resources, the environmental unsustainability that leads to global warming, and health concerns connected to the source extraction and car production. If the level of car use is to be maintained, the main solution is to focus on recycling and the production of eco-friendly vehicles. Recycling methods´ research for modern vehicles and their analysis is the aim of this bachelor’s thesis, with a goal to provide an overview of different types of recycling procedures. The first part tackles general recycling principles and the recycling of vehicles, part by part. Afterwards, the thesis shifts its attention toward renewable sources and their utilization in the automotive industry (electric vehicles), and the recycling of end-of-use modern cars. The last part brings a close look at renewable energy storage options, specifically hydrogen (H2), its fuel cell application, recycling of hydrogen cars, and the future of propulsion. The thesis is discussed with an expert engineer in the field of alternative drives.

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