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Near-field excited photoluminescence mapping
Klok, Pavel ; Ledinský, Martin (oponent) ; Dvořák, Petr (vedoucí práce)
This thesis explores the use of near-field (NF) excited photoluminescent (PL) mapping to investigate optoelectronic properties at the nanometer scale. By overcoming the limitations of traditional far-field optical techniques, it investigates phenomena on smaller length scales that would be previously inaccessible. The primary focus is on NF scanning optical microscopy, enabling the observation of subdiffraction phenomena for studied samples. A notable accomplishment of this thesis is the introduction of NF time-resolved PL mapping, a groundbreaking method for studying dynamic processes beyond the diffraction limit. Importantly, this approach represents a novel contribution to the field, as supported by the literature review presented in this thesis. Through meticulous evaluation and interpretation of PL measurements, this study enhances our understanding of the optical properties of lead halide perovskite materials and their potential applications, e.g. in solar cells. Moreover, it uncovers unexplored opportunities in NF time-resolved PL mapping, providing unprecedented insights into dynamic processes at the subdiffraction limit. By pushing the boundaries of nanoscale optical investigations, this diploma thesis establishes a foundation for new research directions and advancements in the field.

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