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Geographical aspects of soccer players' origin - football academies: comparison of Czechia and Serbia
Vukadinovič, Marko ; Tomeš, Jiří (advisor) ; Kunc, Josef (referee)
Geographical aspects of soccer players' origin - football academies: Comparison of Czechia and Serbia Abstract The goal of this thesis is to identify football academies in Czechia and Serbia since 1993. That accomplishes through presenting theoretical approaches of sport geography, then documents the globalisation of sport and especially the diffusion of football in space and time. It submits also characteristics of the successful football academy and finds out positive economical effects, which are generated by production of professional football players. The thesis researches in analytical part not only regional divide of the football academies, which are identified based on the place of birth, first youth and professional clubs and transfer value of the individual players, but the influence of different factors on success of club in national league as well. Key words: geographical aspects, origin, football academies, transfers, economic profitability Powered by TCPDF (
Changes of Regional and Settlement Pattern of Serbia after 1991 in the Context of the Split of Yugoslavia
Vukadinovič, Marko ; Tomeš, Jiří (advisor) ; Vrtiška, Tomáš Josef (referee)
Changes of regional and settlement pattern of Serbia after 1991 in the context of the split of Yugoslavia Abstract This thesis presents changes of regional and settlement pattern of Serbia with a special emphasis on migration after war events evoked by splitting of former Yugoslavia in the 90's. It researches age structure of refugees and internally displaced persons and mainly their influence on demographic growth of Serbia and analyses their dependence of their location on chosen geographical and economical indicators. It will also show the situation of refugees in the new millennium considering their repatriation or naturalization. The last part finds out, if there is a noticeable amount of refugee population living in temporary conditions and how works the cooperation between the state and organizations, which are supposed to reduce number of refugees and internally displaced persons. Key words: changes, regional pattern, settlement system, migration, war splitting of Yugoslavia

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1 Vukadinović, Milica
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