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The legal position of the municipality in the implementation of a development project
Vlk, Vojtěch ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor) ; Korbel, František (referee)
The Legal Position of the Municipality in the Implementation of a Development Project Abstract This thesis is devoted to the legal analysis of the different positions of the municipality in the individual phases of the implementation of a residential development project and the resulting opportunities for the municipality to influence the development project. The text is divided into five chapters, which are arranged chronologically to follow the process of development project preparation. In the first chapter, the author defines the basic theoretical background and concepts relevant to the topic under discussion, namely the autonomous and delegated powers of the municipality, which in many cases intertwine in the process of preparing a development project. The next chapters are devoted to the process of implementation of the construction project as such. In the second chapter, the author discusses what tools the legal system entrusts to municipalities for regulating construction on their territory, and how the municipality can influence the implementation of a construction project from the position of the owner of transport or technical infrastructure, or immovable property related to it. The author analyses the individual instruments of spatial planning and specific situations that the municipality, as...
Legal Aspects of a Residential Project Construction from the Point of View of an Investor
Vlk, Vojtěch ; Korbel, František (advisor) ; Svoboda, Petr (referee)
Real estate development is an intersectoral discipline not only itself, but also in the field of law, because within it both public and private legal relationships are established. The aim of this work is to analyze the construction process of a residential project consisting of ten solitary family houses and related technical and transport infrastructure from a legal point of view. The emphasis will be placed on the analysis of legal risks that can arise for the investor in the various stages of realization of the construction project. The chapters will be sorted chronologically as the realization of the construction project takes place, from the selection of a suitable site to the issuance of the occupancy permit. The first part of the work is devoted to a legal audit of the land on which the construction project is to be carried out. Particular attention is paid to a public law restrictions, such as zoning or buffer zones, as well as risks arising from acquisition of ownership from a specific seller, such as the risk of unenforceability of a sales contract due to bankruptcy of the seller or voidability of the sales contract due to execution proceedings. The next chapters are devoted to the actual realization of the project. In third chapter I analyze the specifics of the developer's preliminary...

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