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Automotive LED driver with additional functions
Vlach, Marek ; Duz, Aleksei (referee) ; Šteffan, Pavel (advisor)
In this diploma thesis, the design and construction of a LED driver with additional functions for the automotive industry is carried out to meet its requirements. The LED driver is based on the principle of DC/DC converter in H-bridge topology, which is used to supply a string of power LEDs. The combined function of the daytime running lights and position lights governed by the driver control electronics is then implemented on the LED string. Other additional functions of the driver are temperature regulation of the output current and error reporting in case of a fault condition on the LED string. A set of typical measurements on a manufactured sample including functional tests, efficiency measurements, thermal analysis and EMC testing are employed to verify the driver parameters.
Use of separate spectra records and interpretation possibilities of multispectral data in the context of protohistory of the middle Thaya region
Komoróczy, Balázs ; Vlach, Marek ; Zelíková, Michaela ; Sedláček, J.
The significant expansion of analytical and interpretive possibilities within remote sensing methods in archaeology over the last three decades brings especially the increasing availability of qualitatively adequate satellite multispectral data together with the development of multispectral sensors used on unmanned aerial vehicles. The results of multispectral imaging mediate an important analytical dimension for the identification and interpretation of signs of archaeological contexts in agricultural monocultures. As part of the prospecting activities of the Research Centre for Roman and Great Migration Period of the Institute of Archaeology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Brno, current goals also include exploiting the potential of this specific segment of remote sensing (in cooperation with the Institute of Landscape Planning at Mendel University in Brno) and with use of the wide array of prospection methods to broaden the information base of archaeological components, especially the protohistoric segment of the development of the middle and lower Thaya region.
Optimization of integrated circuits large-area delayering process using advanced inspection technologies
Vlach, Marek ; Otáhal, Alexandr (referee) ; Chmela, Ondřej (advisor)
This bachelor thesis provides an overview of the technological methods used for decapsulation and delayering of integrated circuits. Furthermore, the inspection techniques and material analysis used during delayering of semiconductor chips are presented. The thesis also discusses the technological development of integrated circuits in terms of the transistor structures used. In the practical part of the thesis, a procedure for decapsulation and large-area delayering of integrated circuits is proposed and tested.
Documentation, publication and interpretation of metal-detector finds as exemplified by Jobst type F4 brooches
Komoróczy, Balázs ; Vlach, Marek ; Zelíková, Michaela
Brooches represent a category of material evidence which in the past 25 years often became object of a very intensive metal detecting. In the Czech Republic, the number of amateurs who presently carry out this activity is much higher than the number of professional archaeologists. Archaeological science cannot omit the knowledge resulting from amateur metal-detecting finds, regardless of our personal opinion in this matter. We regard the documentation of all archaeological finds in our country as a professional duty of archaeological institutions, which is not contradictable by any reasonable arguments. On the contrary, when detectorists themselves or the general public prevent archaeologists from documenting these artefacts and making them accessible for professional study, this process gradually makes archaeology “blind”.
Hydrofoil pro kiteboarding -- návrh a výroba segmentu
Vlach, Marek
This work is about relation between material and technology for developing specific product used in field of sport equipment. Designed was mast or hydrofoil for kiteboarding. Basic part is about terminology, history, physical principle and actual market research. Next topic is related whit material selection, where is best choice carbon fiber reinforced composite. A description of composites goes from general information to specific steps in technology. Author describes practical experiences whit exclusive autoclave technology and also other methods. In practical part was prepared three prototypes whit deferent composition and technology. Core and moulds was made from wooden based materials which ware manufactured in three dimensions whit CNC machine. Fist prototype was laminated only on core, second used sandwich construction in mould and third combines these two methods.
The evaluation of natural reproduction of the red-necked pheasant (Phasianus colchicus) in the pheasantry owned by the forest-empire Židlochovice, LČR, s.p.
VLACH, Marek
The study is dealing with appreciation of natural reproduction of ring-necked Pheasant (Phasianus colchicus) in a pheasantry owned by LČR,s.p. By one of the purpose was set the appreciation of the pheasantry and current natural conditions in accordance with public notice no.7/2003 in a full range. The background of the pheasantry is complied with requirements by the public notice. Another objective was monitoring running of Pheasant males. Next objective was to analysed and evaluated a natural reproduction ability of Pheasant females in the pheasantry. There was found very low ability of reproduction in the pheasantry. As the main reasons for low reproduction ability of Pheasant females were found mostly higher population pressure of predators and depressed ability of making nests by Pheasant females of intensive artificial breeding.
Pohan data server. A digital data warehouse of an archaeological institution
Dresler, P. ; Kučera, M. ; Macháček, J. ; Petrželka, R. ; Vlach, Marek ; Žídek, O.
The article introduces the POHAN DATA SERVER/PDS of the Institute of Archaelogy and Museology used to store documentation from the long-term excavations of the Institute of Archaeology and Museology at the Faculty of Arts of the Masaryk University. The data server is presented via a manual of instructions for its use which provides the reader with an overview of the server functionality and the efficiency of the solution as a whole.
Roman temporary camp and new finds from the Roman Period in Charvátská Nová Ves
Vlach, Marek
In year 2006 during the testing phase of a predictive model project (Institute of Archaeology and Museology, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University) were encountered traces of the Germanic activities in vicinity of the Roman temporary camp in Charvátská Nová Ves. Using the method of geological probing it was possible to spatially specify exact position of the temporary camp, discovered previously during the aerial survey. The probing also provided information for buildup of simple profile of temporary camp ditch.
New settlement findings form Young and Late Roman Period in Sudoměřice
Vlach, Marek
During the years 2003 and 2004 Institute for Archaeological Heritage Conservation Brno excavated a polycultural site NW of Sudoměřice. Among others there were recognized remains of the barbarian settlement from the Late Roman Period. The archaeological component is represented by the rests of four sunken-floor dwellings, unidentified settlement pits and the assemblage of movable items. Besides dominating pottery of local production there were observed e.g. categories of roman-provincial pottery, Germanic brooches, combs and spur.

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