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Characteristics and comparison of hop regions in the world.
VOLF, Adam
The bachelor thesis characterizes and compares hop regions around the world. Firstly, it deals with the literature concerning the geographical aspects of hop growing and presents the characteristics of hops (botanical and agricultural characteristics, conditions of hop growing, hop usage). The world's hop-growing regions are defined in the thesis as a regional concentration of at least 100 ha of hop gardens (hop harvest areas). The analytical part processes and compares data on the area of hop harvesting areas, hop production and hop yields based on Barth Reports statistics using proportional symbol maps, graphs and tables. Climatic types of hop regions are also compared. About 50 % of the hop harvest is located in two regions - Hallertau in Germany and Yakima Valley in the USA. The North Korean region Ryanggang Province and the Czech region Žatec follow with a gap. A large concentration of hop regions can be found in Central Europe and the northwest of the United States. Large hop yields occur in the German region Hallertau, in the Chinese and Australian regions. The increase in harvest areas and hop production between 1990 and 2020 occurred mainly in the US regions. A structured description of more than 30 hop regions of the world is given in the appendix of the bachelor's thesis.

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4 Volf, Anna
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