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A teacher's influence on student's university choices
Karasová, Anna ; Frombergerová, Anna (advisor) ; Uhmannová, Magdaléna (referee)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on the influence of the teachers on the choice of university and profession among students in the last year of grammar school. The goal of this thesis is to find out what role teachers play in students choices about the right university, how they can influence their students in this area and what other factors can influence the choice of students. The answers to these questions were provided by the qualitative research that was carried out for the purpose of this thesis. A questionnaire survey was conducted to select respondents for the interview. From the subsequent interviews, categories were created using thematic analysis. These categories are among the results of this thesis together with additional information from the questionnaire. The main finding of the research is that teachers play a relatively large role in student's choice of universities, despite the fact that their influence is to some extent unconscious among students. The importance for the choice of university and profession is mainly the student's interest, which can be influenced by the characteristics of the teacher and the education style that the given teacher chooses.