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Information and communication strategies of Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic
Šidlichovská, Zuzana ; Dombrovská, Michaela (advisor) ; Tichá, Hana (referee)
Bakalářská práce se zaměřuje na popis, analýzu a zhodnocení informační a komunikační činnosti ministerstva obrany. Práce se skládá z teoretické popisné části a z praktické analytické části. První popisná kapitola se zabývá vymezením a specifikací ministerstva obrany jako orgánu ústřední státní správy. V další kapitole jsou popsány prostředky zajišťující komunikační a informační činnost ministerstva obrany. Následně jsou uvedeny realizované aktivity a popsán význam a funkce komunikačních strategií v komunikační a informační činnosti rezortu. Ve druhé části byla provedena praktická analýza a zhodnocení současného stavu vnější i vnitřní komunikace rezortu. K rozboru a vyhodnocení efektivity komunikace ministerstva obrany byly využity nástroje dvoufázového informačního auditu a analýzy SWOT. Na závěr jsou formulována navrhovaná doporučení a provedeno souhrnné zhodnocení současné úrovně komunikace Ministerstva obrany České republiky. [Autorský abstrakt].
Vliv teploty vzduchu na chování daňků ve farmovém chovu
Tichá, Hana
This diploma thesis examines the influence of air temperature on the behavior of fallow deer in farm kept. The literature review presents fallow deer characterization; it gives an overview of fallow deer management methods and describes the current situation in farming in the Czech Republic. The research part deals with observations of behavioral patterns of fallow deer. Every month in the course of a calendar year, a selected group of farmed fallow deer was observed all day, with special regard to their behavioral patterns concerning grazing, feed intake, standing or lying. Air temperature was measured every time. My research has shown a significant effect of air temperature on the behavior of fallow deer. Grazing was most prevalent in May (52 %), feed intake in January (39 %), lying in December (43 %) and standing in November (31 %). Moreover, spatial preferences of mineral deer-licks were examined in relation to feeding habits. The study has demonstrated that the location of a deer-lick has a considerable impact on its use. Fallow deer prefer significantly (75 %) a deer-lick close to a watering place rather than the deer-lick close to the border of the area. The results of the research were analysed in graphs and statistically evaluated by reference to Pearson's chi-squared test.
The Studies Order Processing in Selected Company
Tichá, Hana ; Ing. Vladimír Procházka. (referee) ; Jurová, Marie (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis is dedicated to a study of order processing in selected company, concretely by Otis a.s, which deals with manufacturing and developing of escalators, Trav-O-lators and elevators. The thesis analyzes actual order processing in the company and specifies particular business processes. Consecutively it indicates new suggestions for improvement, which should shorten order’s processing in the company.
Heating of Apartament Buildings
Tichá, Hana ; Hořínková, Lucie (referee) ; Wierzbická, Helena (advisor)
The thesis is a technical solution for heating two apartment buildings. The project is designed in two versions. The first variant is source of heat boilers for pellets, in the second variant, the heat source heat pumps type of land / water. Part of this work is an experiment which deals with the measurement of floor heating.
Voluntary aid and the floods in the Czech Republic
Cihelková, Zuzana ; Sedláková, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Tichá, Hana (referee)
The general purpose of this thesis is to evaluate the state of certain chosen aspects of the management of voluntary aid during the floods in the Czech Republic. It also aims at identifying the weaknesses of the system of management of voluntary aid. The processed data are divided into five logical groups. The thesis is primarily divided into a theoretical part, generally dealing with voluntary work as a significant and an indispensable element of the society and also with emergency events in particular the floods which affected the Czech Republic and which without the notable and distinctive voluntary aid could not have been coped with. The practical chapters are devoted to certain chosen aspects of the management of voluntary aid and focus on their specifics during the crises and character of concrete activities non-profit organisations which have taken a considerable part in coping with the recent floods over the last few years. The pivotal chapter of the thesis is the empirical research whose objective was the detection of single aspects of the volunteers' work and the management of voluntary aid during the floods in the Czech Republic. The adopted technique in collecting the data is the standardized questionnaires designed for two groups of volunteers and voluntary fire brigades, which are included in the appendixes of the thesis. The research has showed that there are certain drawbacks and deficiency in managing voluntary aid. Conclusion: The thesis proposes certain recommendations to improve the situation.