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Systems of Sequential Grammars Applied to Parsing
Repík, Tomáš ; Solár, Peter (referee) ; Meduna, Alexandr (advisor)
This thesis examines Grammar systems as the potentially more powerful tool for parsing as the simple grammars. The intention is to adapt theoretical models of grammar systems for parsing. New methods are introduced, with focus on determinism in order to prevent backtracking during parsing. The basis for the parser is a cooperating distributed grammar system. The implementation uses predictive, top-down parsing method, LL(1)Tables, and recursion as well. The parser is universal, usable for any LL-Grammar and for any grammar system based on them.
Extended Verison of the Brainfuck Programming Language and Its Interpret
Fiala, Marcel ; Solár, Peter (referee) ; Meduna, Alexandr (advisor)
In this thesis, author discusses and analyzes design flaws of experimental programming language Brainfuck, for which he suggests solution in form of extension of original language. Then he formaly defines this extension and implements its interpret and debugger.
Online Logbook
Molák, Josef ; Solár, Peter (referee) ; Ruttkay, Ladislav (advisor)
The bachelor´s thesis deal with design, implementation and working of system for online logbook and administration of other areas related with traffic in the firms. This system should help maximized employees income from the deduction of taxes and bill missions. Whole development of application was made under the applicable law of The Czech Republic. System is implemented with three-layer architecture for simple transformation of application for another database server or exchange of graphic design.
Regulated Parsing
Wolf, Dominik ; Solár, Peter (referee) ; Meduna, Alexandr (advisor)
This work deals with advanced models of context-free grammars and explores the possibilities of adaptation and usefulness for deterministic parsing of non-context-free sructures by deep parsing method. It introduces adapted model of context-free grammar named LL programmed grammar and adapted deep pushdown automaton that makes deterministic parsing of non-context-free structures possible.
Parsing Based on Random Context Grammars
Mikita, Martin ; Solár, Peter (referee) ; Vrábel, Lukáš (advisor)
This thesis describes a random context grammar and the implementation of an application which will convert this grammar (respecting the LL condition) to an equivalent context-free grammar (also satisfying the LL condition). The resulting grammar can be used in the existing parser generator that accepts a yacc-compatible format. This thesis uses the GNU Bison generator, for which the encapsulated script was introduced. The potential advantage of random context grammar consists in the proven efficient description compared to context-free grammar for some languages.
Game with Robots
Sasýn, Radek ; Solár, Peter (referee) ; Petřík, Patrik (advisor)
This thesis deals with creating a computer game in which robots are fighting in the arena. The users can define the robot's behavior by using a special programming language. Definition of robots and it's processing is implemented by using fuzzy logic. The thesis describes the theoretical knowledge of fuzzy logic and game Robocode, programming language design and application architecture, and finally a description of the implementation of individual parts of the application.
Combined Parsing Based on Grammar Systems
Caha, Petr ; Solár, Peter (referee) ; Meduna, Alexandr (advisor)
This thesis deals with a combined parsing based on grammar systems. Introduces modified method of classical grammar systems. At first they will be theoretically described and in the next part they will be implemented for parsing. The basis for the parser is a cooperating distributed grammar system. Implementation uses recursive method and case analysis. The parser is universal, applicable to any grammar systems based on context-free and some not context-free.
Parsing Based on State Grammars
Paulík, Miroslav ; Solár, Peter (referee) ; Meduna, Alexandr (advisor)
This work describes the characteristics of state grammars and n-limited state grammars with a focus on non-determinism in a parsing proccess based on such grammars. In particular, it focuses on the problems caused by enabling erasing productions or by possible occur of recursion. This work also describes possible solutions to non-deterministic problems, which are used in the design of a parallel parsing method. This method is significantly faster than sequence analysis based on backtracking.
Business ERP System
Komárek, Lukáš ; Ruttkay, Ladislav (referee) ; Solár, Peter (advisor)
This thesis focuses on the issues while creating the ERP system on the .NET Framework platform using Microsoft technologies. Individual chapters introduce readers to the analysis, design and implementation of the ERP system. The reader is informed about the ERP system's categorization and components, modern development technologies and tools, an example of modules and functions design including implementation and deployment of ERP system's application.
Energy Consumption Management System
Kováčik, Michal ; Solár, Peter (referee) ; Ruttkay, Ladislav (advisor)
The goal of the bachelor's thesis is an implementation of web application for monitoring and evidence of energy consumptions in households. System allows user to store and monitor energy consumptions in his household. System also compares and nominates solutions from other providers, if it is possible with concrete energy. Programming language of implementation is C# with the use of Microsoft's .NET technology and object-oriented programming metodology.

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