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Stock Portfolio Optimalization on Czech Capital Market
Šebestíková, Sabina ; Štěpánková, Jana (referee) ; Sojka, Zdeněk (advisor)
The master's thesis is focused on Stock portfolio optimalization on Czech capital market. The analysis of each stock, estimation and portfolio optimalization proposal are included. In the practical part the Fundamental analysis is applied. The portfolio optimalization is estemated by portfolio theory which is consist in the relationship between stock price and market trends represents by PX Index and expressing correlation of them by beta coefficient.
Fundamental Analysis of Selected Stocks
Ingr, Josef ; Mazouch,, Petr (referee) ; Sojka, Zdeněk (advisor)
Purpose of this bachleror´s thesis is fundamental analysis. For this analysis I chose joint-stock company ČEZ. Aim of the bachleror´s thesis is to determine inner value of the share. After determination of the share value comparisation with the current stock exchange rate is made. This will determine if share is overvalued orundervalued.
Technical Analysis of Selected Commodities
Němec, Vít ; Zerzánek, Ivan (referee) ; Sojka, Zdeněk (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is engaged in commodity exchange trading with the help of technical analysis. In accordance with this aim the whole thesis is being structured. At the beginning there are theoretical bases that concerning trading on the commodity exchange, as well as basic methodology of technical analysis. These methods are futher transfered into practical examples. This bachelor thesis describes possibilities and basic tools for technical analysis in the commodity exchange with the help of practical examples.
Choosing the Appropriate Trading Strategy on Forex
Sedláček, Martin ; Macálka, Karel (referee) ; Sojka, Zdeněk (advisor)
This thesis deals with trading on the stock market using technical analysis. It’s focus is on choosing the appropriate trading strategy which make use of the knowledge of technical indicators. The thesis is divided into three main parts. The first part describes the theoretical basis of the work - a description of the financial market, the various indicators and monitoring methods of money management. The theoretical knowledge describes the stock market, which is being traded on, various methods of analysis and how they differ and different methods of trading. In the second part of this thesis it will apply these theoretical solutions into practice and it will analyze the market in a given period of time. In the last part I will propose and describe my own solution – a business strategy based on the obtained theoretical knowledge.
Technical Analysis of Selected Stocks
Mazal, Tomáš ; Varsányi, Peter (referee) ; Sojka, Zdeněk (advisor)
This thesis deals with applying of technical analysis to selected stocks. The first part of the thesis is the theoretical basis of technical analysis and also mentions psychological and fundamental analysis. Followed by the analytic part where specific stock market and several stocks being traded on it are selected. These stocks will be analyzed by technical analysis (visual formations, simple moving average, Bollinger Bands, Relative Strength Index, MACD) outputing graphical representation of signals received and commentary. The last part of the thesis is estimation of further stock price development, recommendation of technical indicators to be followed. Furthermore a portfolio for imaginary investor is created. The work ends by expressing the conclusion.
Uneployment Solution in Selected District
Ondříšek, Roman ; Havelka, Michal (referee) ; Sojka, Zdeněk (advisor)
The main aim of this bachelor work is focusing on unemployment between 2009 and 2013 concentrated on territory of Kyjov and its neighbourhood. Furthermore, it analyzes the level of unemployment referring to the European union, the Czech republic and another territory chose by me, where is again analyzed the rate of unemployment according to various categories. Finally, solutions for reducing unemployment and improving the labour market situation are suggested.
Fundamental Analysis of Selected Stocks
Fidranský, Lukáš ; Effenberk, Pavel (referee) ; Sojka, Zdeněk (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with fundamental analysis of stocks. Firstly its focused on theory of financial markets and especially on procedures and methods that are used in the subsequent practical part. The practical part is based on comparing the intrinsic value of the shares of Philip Morris company with its current market value. At the end investment recommendation is stated.
Fundamental Anylysis of Selected Stocks
Dvořáček, Martin ; Henešová, Šárka (referee) ; Sojka, Zdeněk (advisor)
This thesis deals with the fundamental analysis of stocks selected Telefónica Czech Republic a.s. This paper contains a theoretical description of the use of fundamental analysis including a description of the specific models use dinfundamental analysis as a tool for determining the intrinsic value of traded shares. In the practical part I apply this analysis to the selected share with the help of publicly available information.
Fundamental Share Analysis(Pegas Nonwovens)
Pavlík, Tomáš ; Smolík, Kamil (referee) ; Sojka, Zdeněk (advisor)
The main topic of this bachelor thesis is a fundamental analysis of the shares of the company PEGAS NONWOVENS SA, made by using the publicly accessible information about the company. This thesis also includes theoretical description of the methods which are usable for the fundamental analysis. Then I’ll apply this theoretical knowledge in the practical part of the thesis in order to evaluate the price of shares.
Risk in Financial Crisis inside Banking Sector
Magic, Matej ; Wirthová, Ĺubica (referee) ; Sojka, Zdeněk (advisor)
Bachelor thesis focuses on the analysis of risks associated with the emergence of the crisis in the banking sector. The thesis is divided into three main thematic blocks. The first, theoretical, presents the theoretical background and means and measures used to prevent and monitor the crisis in the banking sector. The second part of the thesis deals with an analysis of the crisis creation and impact on the banking sector. The third section presents risks connected with crisis in the banking sector.

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