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Digital Transformation and Grey Literature Professionals
Savić, Dobrica
This paper looks at the impact of digital transformation on the workforce in general, while the special emphasis is placed on information management professionals working in the field of grey literature. The following areas are reviewed - the changing nature of grey literature work, changes required on a personal level, the impact on work organization, and the redefined role of leadership. It is assumed that although challenging, digital transformation also represents an important opportunity for grey literature professionals.
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Jsme připraveni na budoucnost? Vliv umělé inteligence na management šedé literatury
Savić, Dobrica
Artificial intelligence (AI) has become part of our daily lives as it impacts the way we work, learn, communicate and entertain ourselves. AI also impacts information management. This paper examines this potential impact on grey literature management and is based on analysis of GL facets such as volume, variety, velocity and veracity. Examples of AI systems already implemented in similar activities are offered. The paper offers advice to grey literature managers regarding coming challenges.
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Rethinking the Role of Grey Literature in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Savić, Dobrica
This paper examines the potential impact of the emerging Fourth Industrial Revolution on grey literature and the challenges it will bring to the information management profession. Based on analysis of the most prevalent current trends and developments, it appears we will need to rethink the defi nition of grey literature, its creation and types, processing, storage, sustainability and usability. Information professionals, including the grey literature ones, will require training and new knowledge.
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Impact of Current Information Technology Trends on the Future of Grey Literature
Savić, Dobrica
This paper deals with emerging information technology (IT) and other trends and their impact on the grey literature. It is based on analysis of the most prevalent trends in general information management and new IT solutions, which will define and impact the digital future of related information management activities, as well as the grey literature. The analysis was done based on seven reports issued in 2016 by five world leading consulting and service companies that have a special interest in researching the impacts of IT on our business environments, work procedures and behaviors.
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INIS: Nuclear Grey Literature Repository
Savić, Dobrica
As one of the world's largest collections of published information on the peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology, INIS represents an extraordinary example of world cooperation. Current membership includes 130 countries and 24 international organizations. 154 INIS members share and allow access to their valuable nuclear information resources, preserving them for future generations and offering a freely available nuclear knowledge repository. The presentation will give an overview of INIS role, information sharing activities, ways of nuclear knowledge organization and capacity building. It will also discuss some technological trends, current challenges and future developments.
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