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Pre-operational preparation in the context of historical development
The thesis "Preoperative Preparation in the Context of Historical Development" is a theoretical dissertation that deals with the history of not only the preoperative preparation but also with nursing and surgery dividing them into several time horizons. The preoperative preparation is an inseparable part of any surgery and based on it the nursing specifications are determined. This thesis is written as a detailed search of primary and secondary sources. The thesis is divided into four main chapters that deal with the history of the preoperative preparation in connection with nursing, nurse education and the preoperative preparation today. The preoperative preparation has undergone many changes during its development. It was influenced by the factors occurring at that time. Nurses had to adapt to the time to be able to respond to changes and to learn in terms of surgery. The aim of the thesis was to analyse the development of the preoperative preparation and point out the influence of the nursing care on the preoperative preparation from a historical perspective. Two research questions were chosen at the outset in connection with the objective: How did the preoperative preparation develop? How has the preoperative preparation changed over time? On the basis of a textual analysis, it emerged the greatest development occurred in the 19th century because that is the time when the preoperative preparation got its name. This dissertation describes it is written using an analytical method, and consequently it is elaborated as an interpretive text.
The use of quantification of nursing care in psychiatric hospitals
Theme of the bachelor thesis is a utilization of quantification of nursing care in psychiatric hospitals. Psychiatry provides a treatment to persons with mental disorder. In most cases there is nobody to help the patient with his problems. So he searches some specialiste, in this case a psychologist or a psychiatrist. The doctor determines hospitalization of the sick man if the patient is not able to visit an ambulant treatment. For these patients there is performed a basic and a special nursing care. The basic nursing care is composed of feeding, hygiene, etc. The special nursing care provides diagnostic, terapeutic and monitoring operations. The thesis has theoretical and scientific parts. The theoretical part deals with discipline of psychiatry, with form and methodes of care, with legislative definition and with education and competences of nurses. The scientific research was realized by methode of quantification of nursing care by Pochylá and Pochylý (2008), it is a qualitative and quantitative methode. The first part deals with collecting of datas and subsequent recording datas to a record sheet. Next step was to determine activities of special nursing care. There were determined averages and standard deviations for operations thereby we gained average periods of all operations. The purpose of the thesis was to determine average time difficulty of all operations and to determine time values of nursing care of selected groups of patients. The research finds that the nursing care is the most used operation for sick men. Nursing care changes in patients according to the current state of health. Other specifics of nursing care include monitoring patients who may endanger themselves or their surroundings. The most often performed operation in psychiatric hospital in medication is per os. We chose 3 goals for the job. The first objective was to inventory special nursing care in psychiatric hospitals. Another objective is to determine the average time values for individual nursing activities of special nursing care in a psychiatric hospital. The final goal was to determine the time values of special nursing care in selected patient groups. Based on the first goal, a research question has been identified: What is the most common performance in a psychiatric hospital? Based on the second objective, the research question was determined: What are the average time values for individual nursing activities of special nursing care in a psychiatric hospital? Based on the third objective, the hypothesis was chosen: The time values of special nursing care are different for selected patient groups.

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