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Metafictional novels of the 30s and 40s in the Czech literature
SELNER, Ondřej
This doctoral thesis focuses on literary texts containing speech acts that are in literary history and theory usually known as self-reflexive. In the first part author attempts to find inspirations for self-reflexivity in a broader historical and cultural European context as well as its potential connections to modernism. Then it tries to find relations between these modernist tendencies and Czech literary production of the day. It also deals with different views of self-reflexivity in the Czech literary theory. After dealing with these perspectives and after analysis of their potential drawbacks, thesis then moves to an attempt to find a precise meaning of self-reflexivity with respect to the term itself. On that account it analyses reflexive philosophy of major philosophers of the 1st half of the 20th century - Edmund Husserl, Jean-Paul Sartre, Martin Heidegger and Maurice Merleau-Ponty. The analysis of relevant works of these philosophers dealing with reflexivity leads to the formulation of a thought-map that embodies evident parallels between self-reflexivity in literature and reflexivity in philosophy. In order to verify these parallels, thesis then focuses on interpretation of major texts of Czech literature that are usually considered to be prototypes of self-reflexive novels. These are works Hra doopravdy by Richard Weiner, Rozhraní by Václav Řezáč and Hlava umělce by Milada Součková.
Narrative strategies in the short stories of Raymond Carver
SELNER, Ondřej
The thesis Vypravěčské strategie v povídkách Raymonda Carvera deals with the literary concept of a narrator. It's results - typologically different narrators and their characterizations - are based on reading and analysis of all published Carver's short stories. The thesis is divided into two main parts - into the theoretical part in which we briefly introduce the development and fundamental concepts of narrator in the literary theory (e.g. in concepts of F. K. Stanzel, K. Friedmann, G. Genette, T. Todorov, D. Cohn, S. Chatman, J. Culler, J. H. Miller and W. C. Booth) and into the practical part which analyses and characterizes those narrative strategies and types with the use of previously introduced terms and theories. The result of this thesis is a lucid list of different narrative types in Carver's short stories.
Translations of Poetry of E. A. Poe in the Context of Czech Liteatury
SELNER, Ondřej
Diploma thesis Translation's of Edgar Allan Poe's Poems in the Context of the Czech Literature maps Edgar Allan Poe's influence on Czech culture in the context of Czech literary science. It analyzes chosen theoretical essays and on their basis constructs a continuous picture of understanding of Poe's texts and his personality in specified period of time since year 1945 until today. The thesis' goal is to depict the relationship between Edgar Allan Poe and Czech culture, to state the changes in understanding throughout the different time periods and to reflect on its importance. The whole work is divided into two parts, the first one reminds results of preceding research, whereas the second one expands on them. Bibliography on Poe's work and personality and the list of all Poe's works published in Czech language represent also important parts of the work.
The Reflection of the Work of E. A. Poe in Czech Literature since the last years of 19th Century to the End of First Half of 20th Century.
SELNER, Ondřej
Bachelor thesis The Reflection of the Work of E. A. Poe in Czech Literature since the last years of 19th Century to the End of First Half of 20th Centurx focuses on the reception of Edgar Allan Poe´s literary work in the Czech literature in the defined period. Twelve theoretical articles by crucial Czech literary personalities and critics show the shift in the understanding of Poe´s literary work. Thesis includes introduction, brief biography and the interpretation and analysis of those twelve theoretical essays. In the conclusion thesis reflects on gained knowings.

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