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Reproduction as a problem of ontology and the value of an aesthetic object
This thesis looks into problems of sensory indistinguishable Copy in ontology and evaluation of an aesthetic object in the field of fine arts. For this purpose it presents and compares chosen theoretical approaches of - Nelson Goodman, Reinold Schmücker, Günther Patzig, Eddy Zemach and Denise Dutton - on ontology of a work of art, an original and a Copy. It further observes approaches and solutions in the field of evaluating works of art and their Copies by already mentioned Nelson Goodman and then Arthur Koestler, Mark Sagoff, Kendall L. Waltonn and Tomáš Kulka, with emphasis on the theory of aesthetic dualism by Tomáš Kulka. His theory of aesthetic dualism, together with distinguishing identity of a work of art and its tangible holder (artefact; above all G. Patzig, E. Zemach), is initial for the suggestion of a new approach through aesthetic triadism. Aesthetic triadism suggests the solution of a problem of evaluating works of art and Copies with three values: aesthetic and artistic value (related to the work of art) and the value of authenticity (related to the artefact). This approach is afterwards confronted with mentioned theories of evaluation and then used in relation to aesthetic object, its constitution and evaluation. Aesthetic triadism leads to satisfying solutions of main and partial questions that are asked in this thesis - it leads to a conclusion that evaluation of a work of art and a Copy can be in theory comparable by its aesthetic and artistic value and different evaluation can be restricted only on the value of authenticity. On the other hand, in specific reception of works of art or Copies the value of authenticity can influence constitution and evaluation of an aesthetic object so much that it leads to a different view of an aesthetic object both in its aesthetic and artistic value.
Ontology of the aesthetic object and the value of the artwork, reproductions and forgery
This bachelor thesis is focused on issues originals and copies of works of art (reproductions and forgeries), namely problems of constitution of the aesthetic object and its value. In this purpose I compare Nelson Goodman´s theory of autheticity of works of art to Eddy Zamach´s theory of identity of works of art. I compare these theories with Roman Ingarden´s theory of aesthetic object. I am focusing too on influence of non-aesthetic´s informations about artefacts (originals, reproduction, forgery) on constitution of aesthetic object and its judgment of value marginally.

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