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Analysis and Monitoring of Business Processes
Procházková, Martina ; Zámečníková, Eva (referee) ; Pospíšil, Milan (advisor)
This thesis includes study on Process Mining, Data Mining in general, classification and prediction methods, business process management and simulation. It also includes program made for creating simulation data and testing Process Mining methods.
Analysis of technical specifications and possibilities of therapeutic X-Ray systems for non-tumour therapies
Pospíšil, Milan ; Králík, Martin (referee) ; Mézl, Martin (advisor)
This thesis deals with the use of X-rays for non-tumor therapy. It describes the formation of X-rays, their effects on the human organism and its protection. It also summarizes what diseases can be treated with irradiation and on what principle treatment is based. A part of the work is the design of the transportable X-ray station. This station is, in the next chapter, compared with the x-ray workplace in Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute with 10 years of experience. In the next part I deal with a measuring of X-ray absorption with various materials, and a description of the calibration of X-ray systems.
Component Filter for .NET WinForms
Maťátko, Martin ; Pospíšil, Milan (referee) ; Malý, Jakub (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the design and the implementation of a component allowing to filter data. These are in most occasions organised using a database. This can be stored localy at a client, or on a server. The component supports both types of storage. If the database is stored on a server, the filtering criteria can be applied on the server itself even before transfering the data to the client. Furthermore the thesis describes a general solution of the problem and a specific implementation. The component is developped in the C# language for running environment .NET. All the parts of the application, including the graphic user interface, are designed and described with regard to an easy use and expansibility.
Application of Soft Computing for Game Playing
Pospíšil, Milan ; Martinek, David (referee) ; Zbořil, František (advisor)
This work deals with application of classical method of artifical inteligence and methods of soft computing for game playing. These methods are applicated in programs for playing chess and droughts. Results are confronted.
Web Application Development Scheme with Automatic Database Schema Creation
Prochocká, Kristína ; Pospíšil, Milan (referee) ; Kříž, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis designs and implements an intermediary layer on both the backend and the frontend part of a web application, together with a user interface used to show analysis outputs and to manage the data. This layer was designed based on analysis of several existing solutions, in various languages and environments, and implemented using MongoDB and PostgreSQL databases, written in PHP on the server side and in JavaScript on the client side. It offers an immediately usable flexible persistence layer directly in the frontend, with analysis, feedback and an option to convert collections to PostgreSQL while keeping the same API, enabling a fluent transition.
Workflow Management System
Šimecký, Jan ; Pospíšil, Milan (referee) ; Mates, Vojtěch (advisor)
This Bachelor´s thesis is focused on the area of workflow management systems which serve for automatic control and monitoring business processes. Related terminology and the reference model that brings standardization amongst individual workflow products manufacturers are described in the thesis. A workflow management system was designed in process of writing this thesis. Its key features are the possibility for a user to edit tasks of a process and the support of decision logic of process branching on the basis of the variables acquired during the process.
Extraction of Semantic Relations from Text
Pospíšil, Milan ; Schmidt, Marek (referee) ; Smrž, Pavel (advisor)
Today exists many semi-structured documents, whitch we want convert to structured form. Goal of this work is create a system, that make this task more automatized. That could be difficult problem, because most of these documents are not generated by computer, so system have to tolerate differences. We also need some semantic understanding, thats why we choose only domain of meeting minutes documents.
Workflow System Data Layer
Prochocká, Kristína ; Zámečníková, Eva (referee) ; Pospíšil, Milan (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with a specific design for a data layer of a Workflow system. Workflow systems are used for various purposes by many companies. The resulting work proposes a simple and flexible Workflow data representation and implements -- in the PHP language and partly JavaScript -- a minimal kernel using this representation and provides sample processes showcasing the design.
Travel Order Management System
Vařák, Martin ; Pospíšil, Milan (referee) ; Richter, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis focus is creating practicaly used software. This software is used to create and file travel orders for company employees. This thesis is not only focused on the software part, but also on the whole process of creating an application ranging from submission, analysis, design, implementation to evaluation of the whole process. Basis for this thesis is corporate tax law which must be fulfilled and knowledge gained throught my bachelor studies.
Modeling of Airflow Characteristics and Particle Deposition in Human Upper Respiratory Tract Using CFD Simulations
Pospíšil, Milan ; Forjan, Mathias (referee) ; Paštěka, Richard (advisor)
The objectives are to analyze the mechanisms of airflow and particle transport in the extrathoracic airways. Understanding these features in greater detail not only helps in the treatment of diseases related to the respiratory tract but also aims to reduce the amount of animal testing. For the evaluation, computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulations were utilized. ANSYS was used as a leading software to perform a simulation of different inspiratory flow rates. In this work, Large Eddy Simulations (LES) is engaged due to its real-world performance. The geometry of the upper airways is obtained from CT scans, to preserve the topological data of the upper airways. Furthermore, the deposition of inhaled particles of varying diameters 1-10 m was examined, helping us better understand the therapeutic effects of inhaled particles. Two types of inhalations simulations were carried out. First, inhalation through the nose, simulating the inhalation with a nebulizer with airflow rates of 15 l/min and 30 l/min. Second, through mouth simulating inhalation with a dry-powder inhaler with a flow rate of 90 l/min. Simulated results show that most of the particles deposit at the entrance of the nasal or oral cavity. When flow rates of 15 and 30 l/min were compared, it can be seen the higher initial velocity is, the particles of large diameter (6-10 m) are stuck in the nasal cavity and do not appear in the laryngeal region, whereas with low velocity the more particles of 6-10 m can be found in this region. The maximum number of particles leaving the trachea was observed with a flow rate of 15 l/min, accounting for 26 %. As opposed to 90 l/min where only 13 % left the upper respiratory tract. Also, typical pressure drop can be observed in pressure contours describing the larynx region. This was most significant for a flow rate of 90 l/min where the pressure from the oropharynx to subglottis dropped by 490 Pa.

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