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Establishing speaker's age and sex
Rendek, Tomáš ; Pfeifer, Václav (referee) ; Atassi, Hicham (advisor)
This work deals with speaker´s age and gender recognition. At the beginning it introduces the practical usage of this application and discusses the solutions available. The theoretical part of the thesis specifies the feature extraction and reduction methods and speech databases used in the experiments. The practical part describes the recognizer implemented in the Emotional tool and in two chapters describes the individual experiments. Regarding speaker´s gender estimation; we focused on the impact of the emotional state and speaker's age on the classification process. The two remain experiments were dedicated for general gender estimation performed by using two different classifiers – GMM and k-NN. These two classifiers were used in age estimation as well. In this case, four Group of age was formed and two different feature sets namely: segmental and suprasegmental were exploited four groups
Optimization of network position prediction
Pospíšil, Petr ; Pfeifer, Václav (referee) ; Burget, Radim (advisor)
This work is about position prediction in network, it is focused to find Landmark closest to the Host in the network (with lowest distance vector). The algorithm is based on GNP system. In terms of GNP system simulation was selected method for mathematical part of position prediction. The method was Simplex Downhill. The designed algorithm was implemented in Java. In the first step chose Host continent by meassuring the distance vector. In next step is selected nearest part in the continent. In conclusion estimate Host its position and then closest Landmark. Results from this work is important for designing TTP protocol. The verdict is that the GNP can be used for TTP, but Landmarks must be located in uniform density.
Burst error correction in digital transmissions using Berlekamp -Preparata codes
Pfudl, Tomáš ; Pfeifer, Václav (referee) ; Němec, Karel (advisor)
Bachelor's thesis discusses properties of the systematic convolution codes for error-bursts correction. Berlekamp-Preparata code is a member of this group. Thesis aims at detail description of this code and for picked code designs a codec. Properties discussed at the first part of thesis are used at the second part for picking the code and designing the codec. For designing there are used various methods (programming scripts, simulation model). Codec design is described from properties of communication channel to hardware realization. Each step is exactly interpreted. Whole theoretical design is made in Matlab and for designing the hardware there is used program Xilinx.
Electrical features of barrier discharge for microorganism sterilization
Bernát, Jan ; Pfeifer, Václav (referee) ; Bartlová, Milada (advisor)
This thesis deals with barrier discharge through gases from the point of view of electrical attributes and processes that, which are going on in a discharge. The research of a discharge itself is preceded by theoretical discourse about plasma and its attributes and basic information about barrier discharge. Second part deals with processing measured data on an experimental device and is followed by making deduction. The main role is relating instantaneous power P[W] and power drain Pel[W] to supply voltage. Nitrogen and argon gases were used and the experimental measuring device was set in different configuration of gas flow velocity, distance between electrodes, used frequency of a supply voltage and its different level. An algorithm decribing proceding with another data measuring is described in this thesis. The scope of the thesis does not allow for thorough examining of each aspect, which was measured or deduced from data analysis. However the the thesis addresses these aspects and suggests further research.
Voice activity detection
Mitáček, Štěpán ; Pfeifer, Václav (referee) ; Míča, Ivan (advisor)
This work dreals with the comparison of different detection methods of speach from various audio recordings. In comparing it assesses not only the high of adjusted threshold during deciding, but also the size of individual segments to which the audiotape spreads. Detection of individual recordings can be various in different speakers and also if the interference noise occurs in the recording or not. Finaly it should be compared, which one of the tested methods is the most precise. .
Analysis of noise characteristics of radioactive emission detectors
Šik, Ondřej ; Pfeifer, Václav (referee) ; Andreev, Alexey (advisor)
The main goal of this Master’s thesis is to describe relationship between low frequency noise spectral characteristics of Cadmium-Telluride radiation detectors depending on applied voltage and detectors reaction to illumination of various wavelengths. Also, the reaction and influence of higher operating temperatures were investigated. The noise measurements shown that the dominant noise type at low frequencies is the 1/f noise. Several samples with different resistivity were tested. By comparing results, we are able to estimate the quality of detectors and their sensibility to illumination and higher operating temperatures. We have found that all the studied CdTe detectors are sensitive to one particular wavelength of 548nm. Resulting data were processed by EasyPlot program that provided graphical representation of spectral noise characteristics. All measured characteristics of tested samples are compared and it’s estimated the similarity between the samples.
Security and architecture of IPTV content manager
Šimko, Daniel ; Pfeifer, Václav (referee) ; Burget, Radim (advisor)
The aim of my thesis is to analyze, propose and implement the application of IPTV Manager.The analysis probes the requirements for the application and its results are displayed in UML diagrams. The proposal is mainly focused on application's architecture and on the choice of modern technologies that faciliate its realisation.The security of the application is highly emphasized in the proposal and in the implementation itself.
Systems for file and directory synchronization
Říha, Jan ; Lattenberg, Ivo (referee) ; Pfeifer, Václav (advisor)
Bachelor's thesis is intent on snipping of systems for file and directory synchronization on various platforms. First part is addict to systems for mirroring, version control tools and web storage site. Second section put mind to address service. Third and last chapter apply to practical part with description of author script.
Systems for checing electronic texts
Zouhar, Petr ; Malý, Jan (referee) ; Pfeifer, Václav (advisor)
The work deals with the possibility of control of electronic texts. Whether it is a source codes or standard text documents. The first chapter is devoted to a brief explanation of the term plagiarism and its characters. Sequentially we describe the methods and metrics used to detect plagiarist. Then we pay attention to detect plagiarism in the free text and source codes. We describe the way of preprocessing of a file and choice of basic units, which represent the document in the comparing. Source codes have a exact syntax. Therefore we attend to the syntax and semantic analysis in the chapter, which describes the check of source codes. The second half of the work is focused on the practical part, particularly on programs intended to control the source codes. The programs are divided to the freely available and the commercial. This is followed by their brief description and if it is a free trial possible we mention the results from this comparing. So we created a corpus of source codes. At the end of the work we focus on design of a program, which compares two source codes on the basis of statistical similarities.
Voice Sample database design for speech recognition purposes
Grobelný, Petr ; Malý, Jan (referee) ; Pfeifer, Václav (advisor)
Práce se zabývá rozpoznáváním řeči a tvorbou řečové databáze, která bude sloužit jako trénovací a testovací data pro systém rozpoznávání řeči. Daný korpus je navrhnut jako databáze čtené řeči. V teoretické části je čtenář seznámen s pojmem rozpoznávání řeči a je hlouběji uveden do problematiky. Praktická část se skládá z podrobného postupu vytvoření databáze čtené řeči. Samotná databáze je prezentována na přiloženém médiu. V závěru práce je přiložena potřebná dokumentace celé databáze.

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