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Experiences of Czech women giving birth in the context of Foucault's biopower: Its demonstration in hospitals
Fišerová, Klára ; Jakoubková Budilová, Lenka (advisor) ; Přibyláková, Martina (referee)
This study delves into the complex phenomenon of hospital births within the theoretical framework of Foucault's biopower. The impetus behind this research stems from the mounting dissatisfaction expressed by women who have undergone hospital births, resulting in traumatic experiences instead of the anticipated positive ones. The primary objective of this inquiry is to explore the manifestation of bio-power in the hospital setting during childbirth, along with its various forms and impact on women. Utilizing semi-structured interviews, the study delves deeply into the personal accounts of women who have undergone childbirth in hospitals located in Prague. A non-probabilistic selection approach, specifically the snowball method, was employed to select communication partners. The study's findings suggest that bio-power is applied at multiple levels during childbirth. Based on the personal experiences of the women interviewed, they were divided into two groups. The first group viewed bio-power expressions negatively, while the second group accepted and perceived these expressions as contributing to their sense of security in certain areas. Some women see the expressions of biopower as a fundamental necessity during childbirth, while others view it as a potentially beneficial but alternative approach.
Pregnant in Lima: female body, social stratification and urban space
Přibyláková, Martina ; Brož, Luděk (advisor) ; Sokolová, Věra (referee) ; Hrešanová, Ema (referee)
How is the experience of pregnancy in a patriarchal society shaped by pregnant women's socioeconomic status? So far, qualitative studies have primarily focused on the effect of socioeconomic status in healthcare, and unintended conception in poor adolescents. Based on a 17-month comparative ethnography conducted in Lima, the hyper-stratified capital of Peru, this dissertation addresses experiences of women of different socioeconomic dispositions including conception, abortion, and (inter)personal lived pregnancy experience. The dissertation employs the concept of reproductive habitus to reflect on the differing classed and gendered dispositions in women of different socioeconomic statuses as an embodiment of institutions: the institution of patriarchy and healthcare institutions. The dissertation identifies status-related reproductive dispositions/differences in forming pregnancy experience in four areas: (i) in women's conception circumstances primarily in terms of pregnancy (non)intentionality, women's childbearing age span, relationship status (integrity), and male partner (non)abandonment (desertion). Socioeconomically differing conception circumstances produce psycho-physiologically different human subjects. (ii) Women's reproductive habitus is expressed in women's possibilities of safe...
Ptinciples of semiotic analysis of comics
Přibyláková, Martina ; Nekvapil, Jiří (referee) ; Palek, Bohumil (advisor)
The first part of the thesis is concerned with the theory of comics. The author considers the concept of graphic space of comics as a basic notion of the presented theory. On the basis of graphic space it is possible to introduce the individual concepts of the comics theory, namely comics sign, comics word, comics image. The author introduces the new concept of "prototypic" comics scheme which serves as the basis for comparative analysis of an old Czech comics Rychlé šípy with modern adult comics. The concept of comics image is viewed by some theoretical approaches of pictorial semiotics (Eco, Goodman, Snesson), and Peirce's general semiotics, and film semiotics. The comics image is defined as rhytmical plural multidimensional comics structure. The thesis is concerned with its various structural dimensions and their units. In the second part, some of the theoretical concepts introduced in the first part are applied in the comparative analysis, which focuses on some devices used in a famous old Czech comics Rychlé šípy by J. Foglar, and in modern adult comics (the corpus of the chosen Czech and worldwide comics is included in the present work). The parameters for the comparison are: comics cover, graphic space, comics time, interiorisation and animisation of exterior, chromatic coding, picture-verbal...

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