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The concept of the heat exchanger for the IMSR reactor
Števanka, Kamil ; Katovský, Karel (referee) ; Martinec, Jiří (advisor)
Cílem práce bylo vytvořit základní koncept integrovaného výměníku tepla pro solí chlazený reaktor vyvíjený společností Terrestrial Energy s využitím programu Promex. První kapitola se zabývá historií a současnou situací v oblasti výzkumu malých modulárních reaktorů chlazených fluoridovými solemi. Ve druhé kapitole jsou popsány vlastnosti fluoridových solí a konstrukčních materiálů. Poslední kapitola se zabývá simulací tepelného výměníku pomocí programu Promex, validací modelu, transformací protiproudého výměníku na výměník s U trubkami a vizualizací výměníku s použitím CAD Invetoru.
The concept for passive cooling of the VVER-1000 reactor
Lamoš, Pavel ; Suk, Ladislav (referee) ; Martinec, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis is focused on the design of passive cooling system for a nuclear reactor VVER- 1000.This type of reactor is located in the Czech Republic in the location of Nuclear power plant Temelín. The thesis states an overview of the different cooling systems of nuclear power plants. The thesis is focused on passive safety system especially on passive cooling system, so there was done an overview of currently used passive safety system. In the work is discussed nuclear safety and the maximum projected accident of VVER-1000, which is called LOCA accident. In the design part of the thesis was done thermal calculation of heat exchangers. Exchangers are designed as condensers with a natural flow, where cooling of system is provided by outside airflow in case an accident. The results are evaluated at the end of the thesis.
Role of Czech NPP within grid power regulation
Kostečka, Jan ; Martinec, Jiří (referee) ; Katovský, Karel (advisor)
The aim of the Bachelor’s thesis is the involvement of Czech nuclear power plants in the Czech energy networks, but also in the European Network and their adaptation. Effect of expansion of renewable electrical energy produces the asymmetry in the network and places formed with an excess of electrical energy and places with lack of electrical energy. Flows of electric energy can affect the security and safety of distribution lines. Excessive overloading can cause them to collapse. Therefore, this work is focused on solutions and avoids this problem and minimizes this potential damage. However, the impact of energy revolution has a giant proportion about these overflows network energy. Uncontrollable wind and solar power source may create regionally region surge and flow of this energy goes to areas with shortages of electrical power. The regulation has an impact on fuel. This renegade production could extend fuel cycle, or expand the campaign to more years at least a year. The calculations can show the amount of fuel that can still be used, and thereby increase the yield and economic benefit conditions for extending the life of the reactor units.
Nuclear reactors for new units in the Czech Republic
Brunčiaková, Miriama ; Martinec, Jiří (referee) ; Katovský, Karel (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is concerned with nuclear reactors in operation, in construction and in project plans. Because of that it is a very actual theme. Czech Republic tries to solve the question about building two new reactors for Temelín-3,4. There are two competitors in this tender. First of them is the CzechRussian consortium MIR.1200 with the alike named project MIR.1200, and the second one is Westinghouse company with the project AP 1000. Both of these projects belong to III.+ generation of nuclear reactors. In comparison with the previous generations, this generation brings evolution changes and uses much more passive security elements. The project AP 1000 solves heavy accidents by passive security systems solely. The project MIR.1200 uses combination of both active and passive security systems.
Assessment of the thermomechanical behaviour of perspective nuclear fuel for reactivity insertion accidents
Halabuk, Dávid ; Suk, Ladislav (referee) ; Martinec, Jiří (advisor)
The objective of this master’s thesis is to simulate thermo-mechanical behaviour of nuclear fuel in a pressurized water reactor during a reactivity initiated accident. An important part of this work is focused on examination of processes which occur during such accident and on creation of a detailed overview of material properties of nuclear fuel and fuel cladding which are necessary for simulations that closely reflect reality. Simulations in this thesis examine cases of fresh or irradiated nuclear fuel for two types of fuel cladding, Zircaloy-4, a material that is currently used in nuclear reactors, and ceramic matrix composite material made of SiC. The thesis also presents comparison of results with a corresponding international benchmark and an assessment of the influence of selected input parameters on obtained results.
Increasing the flow of cooling water for absorption cooling systems in the nuclear power plant Dukovany
Dvořák, Josef ; Suk, Ladislav (referee) ; Martinec, Jiří (advisor)
The thesis focuses on comparison of the original and the new solutions of cooling water circuit of the York cooling units for the purpose of cooling water flow increase for the absorption units in the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant. The individual parts of the cooling units that were changed and modified within a reconstruction are described here. The aim of the work is also to process and compare the original and the new solutions of the cooling units and the cold source station from the available measured data. The data are processed into illustrative graphs and tables. Based on the obtained data we can observe the changes achieved by the reconstruction that have affected the effectiveness of the cooling units.
Modernization the Dukovany Nuclear Power Station
Kissler, Martin ; Martinec, Jiří (referee) ; Fiedler, Jan (advisor)
Thesis focuses on a detailed technical description of all important parts of secondary circuit in Dukovany power plant and its connection to other systems of power plant. In thesis are analyzed significant adjustments which have been made during the entire operation of power plant including in particular the actions associated with project called Utilization of project reserves of units EDU. In the main part of the thesis were carried out calculations of the power plant's power for states before and after the modernization and there is also analyzed the impact of individual changes on the whole power plant. These changes are with the entire secondary circuit drawn in the T-s diagram.
Models and analysis of the pressure suppression system containment, during the loss of coolant accidents
Studýnka, Radim ; Suk, Ladislav (referee) ; Martinec, Jiří (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with a pressure suppression system containment during the loss of coolant accidents. It is focused on the containment systems of the nuclear power plants with VVER-440/V-213 reactors. There is described the process of loss of coolant accident. There was designed input model which consists of the zones representing the areas which are connected with junctions and heat structures. Were then selected input parameters for the model calculations. And finally, there have been several calculations for the selected parameters.
Provisions for mitigation of consequences in case of major accidents in GFR nuclear reactors
Mlčúch, Adam ; Suk, Ladislav (referee) ; Martinec, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis deals with the severe accident of the gas-cooled fast reactor GFR. At the beginning of the study there is a review of the gas-cooled fast reactor subject. Next part is focused on description of possible solutions for severe accidents with emphasis on the solution applied in the Generation III+ reactors. Chapters that deal with material and thermal balance with severe accident of GFR demonstration unit, along with the chapter which analyses features of the corium, create a basis for the conceptual design of core catcher of GFR demonstration unit, which forms the final part of this thesis.
Heat transfer in the pressure cover of the GFR reactor
Koryčanský, Roman ; Suk, Ladislav (referee) ; Martinec, Jiří (advisor)
This paper describes the design of the ventilation pressure cover of the demonstrator GFR. The first part is a brief research project GFR and the effects of temperature on the inside structures. In the following part is calculated balance heat losses within the pressure cover for three cases: non-insulated, fully-insulated and partially insulated surface of the reactor. The following is a design of a heat sink for partially insulated surface.

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