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Process management in a selected company
The bachelor thesis is focused on the analysis of processes in the selected company and the proposal of possible improvements. Within the framework of this objective, the process of "employee selection" in the selected company was analyzed and optimized, which was mapped in detail according to the individual sub-processes within the monitored process, the analysis was carried out including measurement, identification of weak points and proposing solutions leading to the required optimization. The practical part of the bachelor thesis deals with the process management in a specific selected company. The aim of the thesis was to analyse the currently operating processes in the enterprise and to propose their optimisation and to simplify the implementation of the function in the selected processes.
Developing mathematical talents for pupils: Ideas for primary school
Zelendová, Eva ; Lišková, Hana ; Nováková, Eva
The publication helps teachers work with talented pupils. It is about how to identify the gifted person in the classroom, how to lead and assign tasks, either within the framework of standard curriculum or beyond the RVP. The publication also provides tips on how to balance the individual work of a pupil who is out of the ordinary, with his teamwork and group work. Particular emphasis is placed on the importance of pupils' problems.
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Linguistic analysis of a Baroque Homily
In this diploma thesis I deal with the linguistic analysis of a baroque sermon Jan jménem/ i skutkem pro tejnost svaté spovědi svatý prvomučedlník svatý Jan Nepomucký by priest Jan Birhel. I continues in my bachelor thesis from 2009, in which I devote my attention to phonology and morphology. In this thesis I focus on analysis of the word formation and syntactic level. In the word formation part I analyse nouns, adjectives and verbs. I deal with derivation, composition and process of formation of analyzed expressions. In the syntactic part I analyse basic and developing articles of sentences and I investigate their position and use in the sentence.
Linguistic analysis of baroque text
In this bachelor´s thesis I am occupied with linguistic analysis of Baroque sermon Jan jménem/ i skutkem pro tejnost svaté spovědi svatý prvomučedlník svatý Jan Nepomucký by priest Jan Birhel. I devote oneself to orthographic phenomena. I offer description of form of Baroque graphemes and I compare them with modern state. Further I devote oneself to all-important phonology phenomena of Baroque period and I attempt to express their development. The biggest part of this thesis specialise in morphology, especially in nouns, adjectives and pronouns. At these word classes I analyse all their grammatical categories. most I dedicate oneself to declention.

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