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Topic of Little red riding hood processed by children of school age
The bachelor thesis deals with the artistic rendering of the fairy tale About Little Red Riding Hood. The work is divided into two parts. The introduction to the theoretical part of the work presents art therapy as a science that works in a specific way with artistic expression, especially in relation to knowledge of fine arts and developmental psychology. For this purpose, fairy-tale themes are also used. A separate chapter is devoted to the fairy tale About Little Red Riding Hood, as well as the characteristics of the period of adolescence. The content of the practical part is mixed research. The result of the quantitative survey is the division of artifacts into categories according to the predominant motive. The result of the qualitative part of the work are case studies, which include the application of interpretive procedures in the context of interviews conducted with the authors of artifacts and their art teacher.
Examining the quality of teaching psychology in secondary schools based on the method 3A
The diploma thesis is focused on the issue of the quality of teaching psychology at secondary schools. The work is devided into two parts. The introduction to the theoretical part of the work is devoted to the introduction of didactics of psychology and it's basic principles, on which is based as constructivism and communication concept of didactics. Other chapters focus on the characteristics of teaching psychology at secondary schools only in the Czech Republic, but also in Slovakia. The content of the practical part includes two teaching situations, from which two didactic case studies where created by using 3A procedure. The result of the application of this qualitative method is an insight into the teaching of psychology, which can evaluate its quality on the basis of integrity three layers (thematic, conceptual, competence) within the so-called model of in-depth structure of teaching. Alternative approaches are possible to improve the quality of teaching. Focus on fulfilling the goals of teaching psychology, psychological literacy.
The context of long-term illegal drug abuse
This bachelor thesis deals with context of long-term drug abuse especially in the age of childhood, adolescence and middle adulthood and it's focused on description differences between two different points of view. The first, theoretical part is focused on two main themes. First one is about drugs and second one describes personality. The empirical part of the thesis elaborates three case studies by using interview as a research method and interferences that can draw from them.

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4 Lehárová, Jana
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