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Criminal procedure, the public and media
Kubešová, Pavlína ; Herczeg, Jiří (advisor) ; Gřivna, Tomáš (referee)
Criminal procedure, the public and media Pavlína Kubešová Abstract Information about crimes creates an important part of news in public and private media. Right to information about criminal procedures and criminality in general is in the democratic society undoubtedly a significant right of every individual no matter if through personal presence on a trial or receiving information from media. Presence of the public during a trial is a way how people can control the activity of the court. Criminal procedure is a case in which state has bigger interference with our rights and freedom than in other different cases. And that is why the public control is essential here. The possibility of the public to access information about criminal cases is then a guarantee for the accused that his or her guild will be debate before an impartial court rather behind the "close door". The target of this thesis is to analyse in details relevant legislation regarding the subject of this thesis (that is especially regulated by § 8a to 8d and § 199 to 201 of criminal code) and on basis of gather knowledge afterwards to critically evaluate the quality of this work, in context of constitutional law guarantee, possible use in practice and defence against violation. I divide this thesis into two key parts. The first part concerns...
Business Project
Kubešová, Pavlína ; Spáčil, Jaromil (referee) ; Groligová, Ivana (advisor)
In my thesis I decide on efficiency of investment plan considering the company financial analysis, which the company SPAME Ltd. intends to realize relating to the expansion of its activities. This work contains the analysis of company’s financial health, the evaluation of the economic effectiveness of investments and my recommendation of a business plan.
Business Plan
Kubešová, Pavlína ; Komárková, Ivana (referee) ; Rompotl, Jaroslav (advisor)
In my master´s thesis I analyse on efficiency of investment project of the company SPAME Ltd. considering the financial analysis. The company intends to implement within the extension of its business activities. Substance of work is assessment of present circumstances of company and its financial analysis, recommendation on business plan and elaboration of planned income statement and its economic evaluation.
The performace of function of a member of the board of directors in the joint stock company
Kubešová, Pavlína ; Kříž, Radim (advisor) ; Hásová, Jiřina (referee)
The bachelor thesis concerns with the performance of function of a member of the board of directors in the joint stock company. Chapters about commencement and termination of function and its prerequisites follow after a brief characterization of the joint stock company. The crucial part is dedicated to rights and duties arising from this function, including remuneration. The attention is also focused on liability for breaching duties of the member. Legislation is compared with practice of the courts. A special chapter deals with changes from January 1, 2014 connected with Companies Act.

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