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Catalytic Activity of Cobalt Impregnated on Ordered Mesoporous Silica Materials in N2O Decomposition.
Kuboňová, L. ; Fridrichová, D. ; Peikertová, P. ; Mamulová Kutláková, K. ; Kozubová, S. ; Jirátová, Květa ; Obalová, L. ; Cool, P.
Three different ordered mesoporous silica materials, such as MCM-41, Al containing MCM-41 (mass ratio Si/Al = 10) and SBA-15, were prepared. In a next step, cobalt (5-8 wt%) as an active metal for redox reactions, was introduced by the impregnation. The prepared catalysts were characterized by AAS, EDX, N-2 physisorption, XRD, DR UV-Vis spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, TPR-H-2 and their catalytic properties were evaluated for N2O decomposition and reduction. The catalysts showed poor activity in N2O decomposition while the use of reducing agent (carbon monoxide) was beneficial for their catalytic activities. The lowest catalytic activity showed Co/Al-MCM indicating that the aggregated CoxOy species present in this catalyst were inactive and not beneficial for the catalytic activity.
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