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Work related lung diseases, their evolution and prevention
Valentová, Vladimíra ; Kneidlová, Monika (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to clearly summarize the current knowledge about lung occupational diseases, emphasize prevention options and assess trends in the number of reported Professional lung disease between 1999 and 2006. Statistical data were obtained from the Central Register of Occupational Diseases, which is conducted at the Center work Medicine of the National Health Institute in Prague
Risk of health damage caused by medical work
Němečková, Věra ; Kneidlová, Monika (advisor)
This work discusses possible risks of health damage in medical work, attention is paid especially to professional diseases and their possible prevention. Health care ranks one of the leading positions of notified professional diseases each year. The most common diseases in medical work are infectious and parasitic diseases. Among them heads scabies explicitly. The resulting data and information are based on statistical data of the Register of Professional Diseases of the National Institute of Public Health, Czech Republic, with the intention of data concerning medical work.
Health protection at work, legislative measures
Hebrová, Michaela ; Kneidlová, Monika (advisor)
Health at work is characterized as physical, mental and social well-being at work. Health status of workers is the result of the impact of work andextracurricular and personal disposition. This fact requires a multidisciplinaryapproach and a comprehensive evaluation occupational exposure and lifestyle factors and other factors. "(1) ,, Damage to health from work is not only a medical but alsoeconomic and social. Prevent their occurrence is a common concern throughoutsociety. economic losses associated with ill health at work in EU countries is estimated at 3 to 5% gross national product, when including the mere loss of a professional injury, but 10 to 15% of gross national product, with a reduction incredit working age in trained productive people. Czech economy losesannually 22.5 billion CZK in the cost of occupational accidents and CZK 2.5 billion in estimated costs from occupational diseases. "(1) The influence of labor per employee generally can be positive andcontribute to the overall development personality, but also negative, with the risk of injury to workers and the requirements employer primarily to provide for their employees healthy and safe working environment. All aspects of health care is very dedicated to Czech legislation Republic and the European Union and its observance is controlled by...
Tumours caused by professional exposition of chemical, physical and biological factors
Korček, Jozef ; Kneidlová, Monika (advisor)
Tumours caused by professional exposition of chemical, physical and biological factors in Czech Republic in the timeframe from 1996 to 2008 are on a descending curve. Majority of patiens are men. Ionisation energy and radiation was the prime factor among physical factors; coke production gases and aromatic nitro or amino compounds were the leading factors among chemici factors. The influence of biological factors was insignificant. Ionisation energy and radiation and asbestos were the top two causes of tumours which arose from professional exposition to said risk factors. The most common tumour encountered int his timeframe was a tumour of bronchi or lung, followed by mesotheliomas of peritoneum and pleura. According to industrial classification, vast majority of over 70% tumours caused by professional exposition occured within the scope of mining, metallurgy and succeeding industrial processes dealing with ores and thein processing.
Health protection at work, legislative measures
Tomíšková, Radka ; Kneidlová, Monika (advisor)
Health at work (occupational health) are characterized as physical, mental, and social well-being at work. The requirement to ensure that value in terms of economic efforts increasing the quantity and quality of production, while minimizing its costs, not in everyday the reality of business practices perceived as a priority despite the economic analysis shows that rational health workers is approximately one tenth the cost of financial economic loss caused by occupational accidents and diseases associated with the work. In the Czech Republic are quantified losses annually due to occupational accidents and CZK 25 billion occupational diseases CZK 2.5 billion. Increasingly growing belief that health and safety at work (occupational health and safety) primarily focused on the prevention of health risks and the protection and promotion of health has a positive economic effect on the national and enterprise level. Worker health (healthy worker) is essential to effective job performance for employers. Health workers should be adequately protected, but the long-term maintenance ability and adequate performance at work, along with the requirement to preserve health at work requires not only the "passive" form, but active approach called concept health promotion. (3) In the Czech Republic the health and safety at...
Risk of health damage caused by medical work
Müllerová, Vlasta ; Kneidlová, Monika (advisor)
The topic of this work is describing risks during work in health care. The introduction involves description of general division of health care and specialities of medical staff. Chapters of possible diseases and other risks are presented in next parts of dissertation. Each chapter begins with general information, continued with list of concrete data about the occurrence and the course of the disease, characteristics, methods of prevention and available statistical data. The following section includes information about mental stress and everything related to it. By working with sick people a risk of stress is increased in a comparison with other professions. To preserve mental health, prevention is needed in this area. Labour rights and obligations of employees, solutions and prevention of possible diseases, are specified in the applicable legislation in the Czech Republic. Dissertation is supplemented by charts and pictures to illustrate a better grasp of the issues. Finally, it provides an overview of literature, list of abbreviations, graphs and pictures.

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