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Production efficiency of Miscanthus giganteus and possibilities of energy use
The thesis deals with renewable resources, biomass a its possible uses. The work is focused on Miscanthus sinensis. It described characteristics of plants, growing technology, harvesting and possible ways to use it - mainly burning. Attention is also focused on the yield potential of plants. The practical part of the thesis describes experiments with miscanthus at the experimental site in České Budějovice. There are reported experimental results and their evaluation and comparison with the literature.
Host-parasite interactions between fluke \kur{Schistosoma mansoni} and vasculature of definitive host
During the long co-evolution with the mammalian hosts, schistosomes were able to develope sophisticated modulatory mechanisms in order to succesfully establish infection, survive and reproduce. Their effector bioactive molecules are primarily targeting host physiology within the circulatory system. Apart of battery of already dicovered molecules, proteases may be contributory in such processes. Schistosomal serine proteases that have been neglected so far are in our research focus due to their aparent similarities several mammalian protease regulatory factors.