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Comparison of qualitative indicators varieties of hops (Humulus lupulus) from various types of hop fields
The aim of this thesis was to determine content of - a -bitter acids in samples of hop obtained from different types of growing regions. Object of research were cultivars of Saaz late, Sládek and Premiant cultivated in three growing regions (Žatecko, Úštěcko, Tršicko) in year 2015. Nine hop samples from conventional agriculture and one from bio production were examined. For all growing areas, from which hop cones were obtained, was determined altitude, rainfall and average temperatures during vegetation period. Quantity of bitter acids were measured by HPLC. Our calculated correlation coefficients showed that the higher altitude and average temperature the lower content of bitter acids was measured and more precipitation has positive impact on content of bitter acids.
Cultivation of hops (Humulus lupulus L.) and its use
Hop differs from other agricultural plants in view of the fact that it is a perennial plant. It can grow at one site up to 20 years. There are three recognized hop production areas in the Czech Republic such as Žatecko, Úštecko and Tršice. The quality of the cones is high mainly due to the range of plant variety and also due to the favourable environmental conditions. Hop cultivation technology was already explored a long time ago, and therefore the new resources are rarely available and also widely scattered. The aim of this thesis is to describe the hops cultivation technology and its food and non-food utilization. This work includes botanical characteristics, farming techniques, fertilization, and protection against pests, harvest and post-harvest treatment. Furthermore there is description of the influence of agricultural engineering or fertilization on quality of hops. This bachelors thesis also depicts food and non-food use of hops.

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