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Vyhodnocení pestrosti stravování a životního stylu u vybrané skupiny seniorů
JANA, Václav
The topic of the thesis was chosen because of the work in the company of the Peat Spa Třeboň and a personal interest in a healthy lifestyle. The aim of this thesis is to show the current dietary habits of seniors over 60 on the basis of a questionnaire survey, to analyze their diet and meals based on the information obtained. Map the issue of seniors in our society, their lifestyle and leisure time for the clients of the Peat Spa Třeboň s. r. o. Based on empirical research and literature studies, a survey of this population has been demonstrated. The theoretical part deals with rational nutrition, variety of eating, lifestyle, nutritional values for the proper functioning of their organism and values influencing the health of seniors. A partial literary research is the pathophysiology of seniors nutrition and its prevention to health. The work methodology is an anonymous quantitative empirical survey. For a specific survey, an age group of over 60 years was selected. Of these, 58 % were men and 42 % were women. The survey was in the form of a questionnaire. In addition to sorting and lifestyle questions, the questionnaire was. Examples of questionnaires are provided in the annex. Number of questions 30 divided by diet, lifestyle. The first question was focused on the BMI index, which is closely related to the respondent's body weight. It follows that more than 74.5 % of respondents have higher than optimal weight, within 19 % suffering from obesity. Based on the questionnaire survey, bread was found to be an important part of the most popular bakery product, which is favored by 69.1 % of respondents. Regarding the consumption of vegetables and fruits, 32.7 % of respondents consume this group of food only 1-2 times a week. It is positive that 46.4 % of the daily consumption of vegetables and 45 % of the fruit are consumed. Of foodstuffs of animal origin, 18.2 % of the daily consumption of meat and meat products was confirmed, and 47 % of the dairy products preferred fermented dairy products. From the high number of overweight and obese respondents, it is positive that 76.4 % consume delicacies once a week and only 3.6 % a day, with 40.9 % responding to honey. The rational diet includes a drinking regime where 34.5 % of respondents recommended the recommended 2-3 liters. 28.2 % of respondents regularly eat 5 times a day, 81% of respondents are very positive about breakfast. 41 % of respondents prefer pastries for breakfast. 43.6 % of the respondents had some civilization diseases and 3.6 % had no overview of their condition. Another aspect was lifestyle, with 50 % of the respondents reporting daily physical activity. Regarding alcohol consumption, 43.6 % of respondents prefer to drink beer and only 16.4 % do not drink alcoholic beverages at all. 67 % of respondents had a recommended sleep time. Only 28 % of respondents use tobacco products.
The comparison of state of permanent grasslands and perennial crops in convention and ecological system of farming in select farm
JANA, Václav
The finaldiploma thesis isfocused on thecomparison of themulti-annualfoddercrops and permanent grasslands of organic and convention alagriculture and thein farmingsystem. The firstchapters are devoted to a briefdescription of bothtypes of agriculture and thein differences and specifics. In the next part are describe decological, economic and economicsystems of management in selected companies. Finally, a summary of the most important findingsforfurther use or optimizationis proposed.
Influence of different types of broiler litter on their welfare
JANA, Václav
In our country and in the world poultry meat has a higher demand because of the price, taste, simple preparation and variety of cooking. Largely broiler are produced for human consumption of meat. Their time of growing is getting shorter, because of their death-rate, we want to provide them the best quality of their living. The subject of this bachelor´s thesis is to compare two different kinds of litterin 2014 on the farm in Čekanice and their effect on the chicken broiler welfare. Technology of living, facilities, kinds of litter and dividing welfare. Comparison of litter took place on the farm in Čekanice.

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