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Concluding contracts out of business market and consumer behavior
Protection of a consumer is an interesting topic because each one of us is assuming the role of a consumer on a daily basis. Therefore, we should tend to learn more about consumer rights to prevent us from being a victim of fraudulent claims from the producer. A missing consumer's knowledge has become the key to the assumption that the consumer is on the weaker side when it comes to entering into contracts. Therefore the government of a country must provide sufficient legal protection to a consumer. The purpose of this thesis is to give an overview to a reader about various possibilities of consumer protection when entering into contracts outside of usual business premises so that the reader can gain a knowledge of his rights and related legislation. The objective of this thesis is to find out consumers' experience with and opinions on entering into contract outside of usual business premises, as well as the processes of a relevant supervisory body in this area and to present a proposal for improvement. To get acquainted with consumer protection issues and off-premises contracts, theoretical research related to this topic was prepared. Then, in the practical part, data from the questionnaire were collected together with an interview with agent Zbyněk Prousek.
Using of POP resources in the selected retail unit
This thesis begins with the theoretical part where are explained some important terms. At the beginning it is defined what business, marketing including marketing mix, POP means and marketing research are. POP means represent a set of advertising materials and products that are used at the sale promotion for a particular product. This covers, for example, floor graphics, inflatable model, the sales rack, etc. In the practical part is conducted field research that takes place in the retail unit Albert Hypermarket. Fieldwork was carried out in person face to face via questionnaire. The main target of this work is to evaluate the use of POP resources in the selected retail unit. A research question is whether or not the respondents are satisfied and whether or not they pay attention to POP resources in the retail unit. Finally, the results of research are evaluated and the recommendations for improvement are suggsted.