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Choice and its absence: bride kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan
Ashiralieva, Elima ; Hrešanová, Ema (advisor) ; Hasmanová Marhánková, Jaroslava (referee)
Title: Choice and its absence: bride kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan. Student name: Ashiralieva Elima Supervisor name: Ema Hresanova Abstract Ala-kachuu is an event when a man kidnaps a girl in order to marry her. This method of marriage is illegal in Kyrgyzstan, but it happens quite often. The purpose of the proposed research is to learn about the current ala-kachuu event in the urban and rural areas of Kyrgyzstan, the experiences of kidnapped girls and the nature of their social world. This study will follow qualitative research approaches using semi-structured interviews as the primary method. It includes a preliminary descriptive study of the perceptions and experiences of girls stolen by ala-kachuu. No more than 15 subjects will participate in the study due to time constraints associated with conducting interviews and subsequent data analysis. Qualitative data software analysis - ATLAS.ti and the so-called thematic analysis will be used. Key words will be used to designate major categories and subcategories. All data will be in a secure, password-protected environment. Access to the data will be available only to me and the supervisor. It is proposed that the interviewing process will begin in August 2021. Girls are expected to talk about their experiences, with occasional follow-up questions. It is expected...
Addictive substances and tv shows
Kašík, Jan ; Hrešanová, Ema (advisor) ; Matoušek, Petr (referee)
This work is focused on examining the effect of depictions of addictive substances in the series "BojackHorseman" and "How I Met Your Mother" on their viewers. This is a netnographic research and as such takes place purely in the Internet environment, specifically in Facebook groups focused on fans of these series. This thesis builds on my previous work "Alcoholism and other addictive substances in series", which brought several findings (higher desire to consume while watching fiction series, the assumption to consume supports consumption while watching, etc.), on which the text is based and builds on their knowledge. I expanded the work to include participatory observation and semi-structured interviews not only in the original group, but also new ones, focused on the series "How I Met Your Mother." This series was deliberately chosen because the original data indicated that substance abuse was more likely if the individual was watching a feature series where the substances were positively portrayed. My goals focus on finding out how the series affects mental health, attitudes and substance use, and inserting the series into the lives of fans. I explain these goals using concepts and theories from sociological and socio-psychological backgrounds, such as observational learning, habitus, social...
Digitalization of the Body. how new technologies of self-tracking change Czech students' perception of health and well-being
Kudaieva, Yuliia ; Hrešanová, Ema (advisor) ; Hájek, Martin (referee)
Topic of work is an impact of digital self-tracking technologies such as wearable fitness trackers and smartphone self-tracking applications on individual. With using the methodology of semi- structured interviews, conducted with students who are engaged in self-tracking and comparative discourse analysis, when data received from interviews were compared with healthy lifestyle discourse, manifested in Czech internet media portals, research question of "How self-trackers perceive the impact of the technology of self-tracking on their physical activities and lifestyle, respectively differentiated among themselves in terms of impact and usage of self-tracking technology, and to what extent they perceive it similarly to the way self- tracking is presented in Czech internet media portals?" was answered in a following way: respondents were categorized as 'engaged' and 'sportsmen' users, and their relation to discourse was not complete, although they were using a proposed by media conceptualization of healthy lifestyle. In addition, paper proposes a theoretical overview over a problem of self- tracking and discusses the possibilities for future research.
How to research drinking regime sociologically?
Bartůšková, Monika ; Remr, Jiří (advisor) ; Hrešanová, Ema (referee)
The main topic of this diploma thesis is comparison of two different methods of research. The first method is diary and the second method is online community. The subject of research in which these methods are compared with each other is the drinking regime of university students, more precisely the situation in which different drinks are consumed by university students. A total of twenty university students were involved in the research that is of a qualitative nature, with ten students in one research method. For one week, the students recorded not only all the drinks they drank per week, but also the circumstances of consuming these beverages, such as time of consumption, place, reasons for consumption etc. The diploma thesis outlines the differences between these research methods in terms of research results, frequency and quantity of information obtained, preparation and implementation of the methods, analysis of acquired data, as well as the perception of these methods by the respondents themselves. The resulting data analysis presents the benefits and limits of each of the selected methods in the situational research of the drinking regime and also suggests possible implications for further research.
Breastfeeding support in the Czech health care system
Pavlová, Veronika ; Hrešanová, Ema (advisor) ; Kubečková, Olga (referee)
Abstact The diploma thesis is focused on forms and dimensions of breast-feeding support regarding different levels of women and child care in the health care system of the Czech Republic from the perspective of a woman, a mother, who is the health care recipient in the context of the legal framework of Czech legislation and relevant international documents. The findings are based on empirical research results gained from ten semi-structured in-depth interviews. Ten individual research participants gave birth in the same medical institution with the title Baby Friendly Hospital during the last three years, which is the unifying element of the participants. The perspective of a woman, based on a thematic analysis of interviews , shows a lot of perceived dimensions of the provided health care. This work identifies the most obvious women themes: their perception of breastfeeding in pregnancy, importance of breastfeeding for woman, the mother's contact with the baby after the childbirth, medical staff attitude and quality of provided care, aspects of pediatric care and support of breast-feeding out of the health care system. These themes are part of an extensive, historically based conception of health care provided in the Czech Republic, which includes a model of the relationship between a physician (medical...
Becoming a doctor from the viewpoint of anthropologist
Rebendová, Eva ; Halbich, Marek (advisor) ; Hrešanová, Ema (referee)
This paper is about a process of a nascency of new doctors, and how it is possible to approach this topic from the viewpoint of social anthropologist. As a starting point, I use actor-network theory, which is one of the social science paradigms focusing on materiality. I consider it (on the basis of work by Bruno Latour and other scholars, who are dealing with this field), to be a remarkable actor in matters connected with human action, and thus an appropriate subject for an anthropological inquiry. Since the topic concerns medicine in the Czech Republic nowadays, I contribute to the knowledge of medical anthropology, which does not have such a strong academic base here as in the Anglo-Saxon world. Special attention is dedicated to a detailed description of activities leading to the formation of the text of this thesis. Reflexivity, on which I put emphasis, shall serve as the foundation of the context of genesis of an anthropological knowledge and also to describe the ethical concerns of the research. The main methods are observation and semi-structured in-depth interviews with twelve informants, who were medicine students or medicine faculty graduates.
Abortion and men's role
Čermáková, Anežka ; Hrešanová, Ema (advisor) ; Marková Volejníčková, Romana (referee)
This thesis deals with research of men, who have experience with abortion of their girlfriends. My research attention was focused on men, who experienced abortion on their own. In Czech Republic almost no researches about men and abortion have been conducted and that is the reason why I started with this research. My research consists of a semi- structured interviews with five men. By analytical process of coding I created eight categories. We expect from men that they will be support for their girlfriends and they also want to act like that and be supportive. Men want take care of their partner. Men's role is to be support in this situation. They are aware of that this problem is mainly about women and that abortion is happening on woman body. But men want to be part of this situation. If they are not, they feel useless. After abortion they usually feel relief or sometimes guilt. But their emotions are varied. Abortion is also important incident for relationship between man and woman. Both usually think about future of the relationship.
Transgender Persons' Perspectives on Gender Transition
Svobodová, Marie ; Hrešanová, Ema (advisor) ; Tučková, Anna (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the topic of gender transition from the transgender perspective. In the Czech Republic gender transition is under the thumb of sociology. The aim of this thesis is to find out what is the relation between the perspective of sexology and the experience of people who are undergoing gender transition and identify as transgender. Special attention is paid to embodiment as an important aspect of gender transition. In addition, the thesis deals with the opinions of transgender people regarding the process of gender transition. This thesis is qualitative, and it's based on biographic interviews with transgender individuals. The main discovery is that the transgender embodiment proves to be quite diverse and complex. How transgender individuals regard their bodies depends not only on their personal perception of self, but also on social conditions. Therefore, the unanimous narrative sexology puts through seems to be inaccurate and not inclusive enough of all trans experiences. This was affirmed by the transgender people themselves who were critical towards the transgender perspective and the system of gender transition in the Czech Republic.
Workoholism among working women duin the COVID19 crisis: causes and consequences
Pleskačová, Valérie ; Hrešanová, Ema (advisor) ; Tuček, Milan (referee)
This work aims to determine the causes and consequences of workaholism in women working in corporate who had to move from offices to home offices during the coronavirus crisis. The research is conducted on a sample of fourteen women respondents and one male respondent. The selection was made using the snowball method based on age, education, marital status and employment in or e-shops. All participants answered open questions in essays focused on their home office work habits, daily routine and family relationship. Data were analyzed using grounded theory, based on which I developed eight categories - interest in work, stress/fear, workspace, work schedule, setting boundaries between work and personal life, leisure activities, social interactions and roles in the household. These I subsequently organized and discussed in connection with previous research focused on workaholism, work from home and work-family conflict, such as Samantha Ammons, Cecilia Andreassen or Bryan Robinson. The conclusion of the thesis summarizes the results, the limits of the study and recommendations for future research.

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