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Piston steam engine
Hrbáček, Jaroslav ; Novotný, Zdeněk (referee) ; Fiedler, Jan (advisor)
Object of this document is possibility of using piston steam engine (later only SE) in steam boiler plant, heating plant and steam reduction station. There is implemented a thermodynamic suggestion of SE for defined parameters of mechanical power 20 kW, frequency 1500 cpm, input steam pressure 1,5 MPa and warmth inside steam condenser 105 °C. There are implemented the main construction segments of SE with a view to steam distribution system. For determine a shape of work diagram SE (p-V diagram), there was created a supportive programme in Excel. The programme serves as the basis of determination of motor stroke volume and basis of determination of main dimensions.
The effects of the 2002 flood on the biocenosis of the open water of the Slapy reservoir in the following two years
Hrbáček, Jaroslav
In the two years following the flood, parameters of the transparency, pH, and relative frequency of the flocks of bluegreens are more similar to the parameters in the early nineties than to the values in two years before the flood. There are not clear differences in the presentation of individual groups of zooplankton in the two years after the flood and in two resp. one year before the flood. Significant negative nor even toxic effects of the development of the bluegreens were not observed.
The effect of a high through-flow on the plankton of the reservoir Slapy?
Hrbáček, Jaroslav
In August 2003 an extraordinary intensive trough-flow has replaced the volume of water in the Slapy Reservoir in few days. Immediately a decrease of the transparency pH, frequency of planktonic crustaceans and an increase. In comparison with the previous years in the weeks following the flood an unusual increase of the frequency of blue greens mainly Microcystis and the diatoms Melosira a decrease of the diatom Fragillaria, and desmid Staurastrum was observed. As a possible cause decrease of pH and increase of total phosphorus has to be considered. As a possible cause of the decrease of the cladoceran Diaphanosoma and increase of species of Daphnia and Bosmina either the decrease of predation pressure by the export of fry due to the flood or the increase of food basis due to more intensive development of phytoplankton has to be considered. The effect of an exceptionally high through-flow on plankton is far from a dramatic one.

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