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Transient temperature field of the shallow subsurface and its sources
Dědeček, Petr ; Šafanda, Jan (advisor) ; Hokr, Milan (referee) ; Majorowicz, Jacek (referee)
Long-term air and ground temperature series and repeated temperature logs from several boreholes in Czech Republic, Slovenia and Portugal were processed to distinguish and describe possible sources of transient signals in subsurface temperature field. Two methods for estimation of the soil and bedrock thermal diffusivity from long-term temperature records are presented and compared. Results proved that on the annual time scale the convective heat transfer did not contribute significantly to the temperature-time variations monitored in the uppermost 10-m depth zone and that the influence of moisture changes on subsurface temperature field noticeably appears only in upper 5 cm of soil. Using 3D numerical modelling a direct human impact on the subsurface temperature warming was proved and contributions of individual anthropogenic structures to this change were evaluated. It made it possible to split the transient component of the present-day temperature depth profiles into the climatic and anthropogenic signals.
Derivatives Trading Revenues of Selected Banks Analysis
Hokr, Milan ; Dvořák, Petr (advisor) ; Baran, Jaroslav (referee)
Derivative operations of selected banks assessment, comparisons and causes identification are contents of my thesis. Ceska sporitelna and Komercni banka, banks operating on Czech market, and European institutions Deutsche Postbank and Banco Popular became the subject of the analysis. First section of thesis is dedicated to basic terms introduction and continues with individual banks analysis. All relevant information regarding financial derivatives in three-year time horizon from 2008 to 2010 were used. Data comparisons and causes leading to banks' decisions follow the analysis.
Problémy a modely v předpovídání záplav
Hokr, Milan ; Maryška, Jiří ; Šotner, O.
In the paper, we deal with the flood forecasting, in particular with determining the water flow as result of known precipitation. In the first part, we present several approaches how to express the water flow in the environment concluding underground flow, surface flow and channel flow in the ricer system (water runoff and flood routing). We discuss possibilities to simplify the shallow-water equations for slowly varying flow to either potential flow or advection-dispersion process. On the second part, we present results of two example models of 2D surface flow in the landscape, first based on the advection-dispersion representation of surface flow and the second mixed-hybrid FEM model based on potential flow approximation.

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1 Hokr, M.
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