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Rust problems on selected forage grass species
The object of this diploma essay is to evaluate selected breeding material sensitivity to attack of crown rust and grass rust. Research was realized in cooperation with Breeding Station Větrov, located in altitude 630 meters above sea level, district of Tabor. Attack of the plants was rated according to scale used by UKZUZ1-9. During vegetation period attacked parts of the plants were collected for specific rust diagnosis. The results were evaluated using statistical data elaboration.
Grass's utilization for energetic effects
This thesis presents a comparison of energy and determination of the suitability of grasses for energy purposes. The labour has the characteristics of agricultural technologies and selected energy grasses. Furthermore, it describes harvesting and biomass yield, processing technology and uses of biomass. The application compares the selected types of energy crops and outputs are depicted graphically. According to the information gathered is the best energy crop for use Chinese Miscanthus (Miscanthus), since it has the highest yield, highest yield and calorific value. Remain at the 10 to 15 years. The disadvantage is its economic performance, but the difference in cost compared to other grass not as large as those of the pros of grass