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Offences heard by authorized municipalities
HAJNOVÁ, Daniela
This bachelor thesis focuses on offences that are committed against civic coexistence and property. These offences are heard by special committees that are founded by authorized municipalities. For this thesis, three towns were chosen Hluboká nad Vltavou, Lišov and Zliv. The main goal of the thesis is to find out how these towns are effective in hearings of offences in last five years. Another aim is to find out what kinds of punishments were applied and which are the most frequent. The thesis then compares the towns, i.e. which town is the most effective in hearings of offences and which is the least. The thesis is based on relevant literature, law codes, and statistics that are kept by the respective municipalities.
EU linguistic regime in practise: comparison of availability of documents in Czech, French and English on the website of the European Data Protection Supervisor
HAJNOVÁ, Daniela
Theme of this bachelor thesis is about The linguistic regime of the European Union in practice: A comparison of an accessibility of documents in Czech, French and English which are available on the website of the European Data Protection Supervisor. At first, the institutional system of the European Union and basic information about the community will be described. Then, there will be more details about the institution in question (the European Data Protection Supervisor) and more information about other possibilities of data protection. Afterwards, the thesis will deal with the linguistic regime of the Union - how it works and which languages are distinguished in the European Union. Another chapter will discuss the heart of the thesis. At first, an appearance of the website will be described. Then, an analysis of documents available on the website will follow. Next chapter will be a synthesis of the previous one. Another chapter will include a detailed trilingual glossary which contains terms chosen from a glossary found on the website of the institution. Last chapter will be a conclusion. There will be also a résumé in French. The bachelor thesis will also contain pictures, graphs and tables to be more transparent.