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Numerical evaluation of mass-diffusive compressible fluids flows models
Bodnár, Tomáš ; Fraunié, P.
This contribution presents first numerical tests of some recently published alternative models for solution of viscous compressible and nearly incompressible models. All models are solved by high resolution compact finite difference scheme with strong stability preserving RungeKutta time stepping. The two simple but challenging computational test cases are presented, based on the double-periodic shear layer and the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability. The obtained time-dependent flow fields are showing pronounced shear and vorticity layers being resolved by the standard as well as by the new mass-diffusive modified models. The preliminary results show that the new models are viable alternative to the well established classical models.
Numerical tests of far-field boundary conditions for stably stratified flows
Bodnár, Tomáš ; Fraunié, P. ; Řezníček, Hynek
This numerical study presents the results of simulations of stably stratified wall-bounded flows. The effect of artificial far-field boundary conditions is studied in detail. The standard homogeneous Neumann condition for pressure is replaced by a non-homogeneous condition depending on local velocity and its gradient. The two-dimensional tests are performed for the case of flow over a low isolated hill. The simulations on computational domains with three different heights are discussed to evaluate the performance of the new far-field artifcial boundary condition. The model is based on Boussinesq approximation of non-homogeneous Navier-Stokes equations, solved using artificial compressibility method, looking for a steady solution.
Artificial far-field pressure boundary conditions for wall-bounded stratified flows
Bodnár, Tomáš ; Fraunié, P.
This paper presents an alternative boundary conditions setup for the numerical simulations of stably stratifed flow. The focus of the tested computational setup is on the pressure boundary conditions on the arti cial boundaries of the computational domain. The simple three dimensional test case deals with the steady flow of an incompressible, variable density fluid over a low smooth model hill. The Boussinesq approximation model is solved by an in-house developed high-resolution numerical code, based on compact finite-difference discretization in space and Strong Stability Preserving Runge-Kutta method for (pseudo-) time stepping.
On the boundary conditions in the numerical simulation of stably stratified fluids flows
Bodnár, Tomáš ; Fraunié, P.
This paper presents the results of a numerical study of the stably stratified flow over a low smooth hill. The emphasize is on certain problems related to artificial boundary conditions used in the numerical simulations. The numerical results of three-dimensional simulations are shown for a range of Froude and Reynolds numbers in order to demonstrate the varying importance of these boundary issues in different flow regimes. The simulations were performed using the Boussinesq approximation model solved by a high-resolution numerical code. The in-house developed code is based on compact finite-difference discretization in space and Strong Stability Preserving Runge-Kutta time integration.
Numerical modelling of pollution dispersion in complex terrain
Bodnár, T. ; Kozel, K. ; Fraunié, P. ; Jaňour, Zbyněk
Amathematical model for prediction of flow and pollution dispersion in ABL is developed. A numerical method is proposed for the solution of the governing system of PDE. The method is based on finite-difference semi-implicit discretization scheme. structured boundary-fitted mesh. Some results od simple numerical tests are presented and discussed.
Numerical Models for Atmospheric Boundary Layers Flow
Beneš, Luděk ; Bodnár, Tomáš ; Fraunié, P. ; Jaňour, Zbyněk ; Kozel, Karel
The work presents a short overview of the work that has been done by our group at the field of mathematical modelling of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer.

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