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The role of depositary in the capital market
Fajmonová, Lenka ; Kohajda, Michael (advisor) ; Sejkora, Tomáš (referee)
1 The role of depositary in the capital market Abstract This thesis analyses current legislation regarding depositaries from the viewpoint of czech and european law. Taken into account are opinions from literature, commentaries of law, Czech central bank or Capital market Association of Czech republic. Legislation and opinions presented are evaluated, commented on and in some places an adjustment is suggested. In this thesis there is mainly used the linguistic, systhematic and historicaly-theological method. The first chapter deals with historical background of investment funds and depositaries and also with the influence the coupon privatisation had on today's capital market. Subsequent chapter is focused on investment funds, their types and related legislation and presents statistical data related to investment funds and depositaries. There is also a section dedicated to comparison of investment funds and depositaries in other european states. Third part of the thesis is dedicated to theoretical basis of depositary with the addition of practical examples of its duties and circumstances which can affect the way its duties are performed. Main emphasis is put on valuation of movable and immovable property and not only property commonly found in fund's portfolio, but even some specialized examples like...
Capital improvement from the income tax viewpoint
Fajmonová, Lenka ; Boháč, Radim (advisor) ; Vybíral, Roman (referee)
Capital improvement from the income tax viewpoint This work focuses on the analysis of the current legislation of capital improvement and it's interpretation by the professional public is presented, from both the view of the tax advisers and financial management. The legislation and its interpretation are evaluated and, if necessary, revisions are proposed. To attain this goal I had chosen the linguistic, historically teleological and comparative interpretation methods. At first, I focused on the definition of capital improvement and individual terms connected with it and their historical evolution. Also mentioned is the legislation tied to the accounting and here can be found the pitfalls, which the legal differences with the tax legislation can bring. Furthermore I examined depreciation of capital improvement using both linear and accelerated methods and I compared the processes with the situation without the capital improvement. Another field closely connected with depreciation and which I focused on next, was the capital improvement of foreign property. Here I outlined the latest progress by novelization of the legislation and by use of Coordination committees with the Chamber of tax Advisers. Using the comparative interpretation method I compared the Czech and Slovak legislation of the...

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1 Fajmonová, Lucie