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The classical and quantum applications of X-ray imaging methods
The topic of the bachelor's thesis is responding to the finding that there is no simple educational text which is dealing with the topic of X-ray imaging methods that is unifying applications of classical and quantum physic and X-ray theory structure currently. The purpose of this bachelor's thesis is to create a theoretical base that is summarizing knowledge of classical and quantum physic applications of X-ray imaging methods based on the application of the theory of curricular process. There are no studying materials in the Czech Republic suitable for radiological assistants which are unifying substantial basics of classical and quantum physic with basics of imaging in the radiodiagnostics. There were set following goals on the basis of the analysis of the current situation: G1 To describe applications of classical and quantum X-ray imaging methods and assess whether there is some preference for classical aspects of those imaging methods. G2 To assemble an educational text and test. There should be put emphasis on the application of classical X-ray imaging methods. The results of the test are going to be statistically processed and the knowledge of the students is going to be judged. Based on the goals, three following explanatory hypotheses were made: H1 The application of classical X-ray imaging methods can be described by comparison of the structure of the barking X-ray radiation and the structure of the classical physic. H2 The application of quantum X-ray imaging methods can be described by comparison of the structure of quantum physic and the structure of characteristic X-ray radiation. H3 The knowledge of respondents is going to follow a curve of a normal distribution. As the main theory was chosen the theory of curricular process which should ensure transmission of knowledge from the scientific system to the educational system. By the description of X-ray imaging methods from the perspective of its own classical and quantum basis was filled the first goal. On the basis of comparative analysis were accepted the first and the second theses. By application theory of curricular process was created educational text of some selected knowledge about X-ray radiation. On the basis of this text, the test for respondents was made. By using descriptive and mathematical statistics was made statistical research and its results are mentioned in the application part. That can be considered as filling the second goal of this thesis. On the basis of nonparametric testing was found that the knowledge of respondents is following Gaussian distribution. That is why the suitability of the educational text was confirmed and the third thesis was filled. The results of this thesis show that this educational text can be used for the education of radiological assistants students.

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