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Financing of Political Parties
Remeš, Stanislav ; Dufek, Luboš (advisor) ; Pavel, Jan (referee)
This work discusses the financing of political parties. Therefore, we can find basic terms, principles and functioning of funding here as well as every single style of financing and its divisions. It is followed by analysis of data of selected political parties for the period of the years 2006 - 2015. There is always picked one year with parliamentary elections and one close-by with none elections. The culmination of my work is comparison of the observed results and assessment of dependence of whole income derived from one election on election expenses. It is obvious that the final results show significant statistical dependence.
Factors affecting the post-contractual behaviour of public contractors
Pospíšil, Václav ; Pavel, Jan (advisor) ; Dufek, Luboš (referee)
The main theme of this thesis is an analysis of post-contractual behaviour of selected contractors of public procurement. Processes behind the post-contractual behaviour are succeeding already signed contracts, and can often lead to an undesirable change in contracted price. Indetification of these processes, that lead to increased post-contractual behaviour, is the key element of this thesis. For this purpose, the collection and subsequential analysis of the collected data, i.e. data about completed public procurement, is crucial.
Support options of SMEs in the form of subsidy titles
Tomášek, Martin ; Dufek, Luboš (advisor) ; Pavel, Jan (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the possibilities of support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the form of subsidies from European funds. In the theoretical part characterizes the principle of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial activity. Furthermore, the evolution and funding opportunities for entrepreneurial activities of SMEs in the Czech Republic are defined. The practical part is focused on analyzing the individual steps towards the creation of a specific project of the chosen company Resort Sv. Frantisek in order to obtain a subsidy from the Rural Development Programme 2014_2020. The conclusion evaluates the benefits of the project in the case that the applicant receives the subsidy and it also contains a recommendation for other entrepreneurs who would also like to fund their business projects partially by grants.
Funding of political parties
Hulínský, Lukáš ; Dufek, Luboš (advisor) ; Pavel, Jan (referee)
This work deals with funding of political parties in the Czech Republic. The theoretical part defines the basic concepts and principles related to funding of political parties from the state budget, with the main focus being on contributions that are specifically identified, describing the conditions for obtaining them and also creating summaries since 2000. The practical part is devoted to individual kinds of income that political parties have for the electoral period 2010-2013 and describes relations between them.
Operating costs of public sector
Kučerová, Petra ; Sedmihradská, Lucie (advisor) ; Dufek, Luboš (referee)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to find out the amount of operating costs which is spent on the working of the organizations in public sector in the Czech Republic and to access the possibilities of saving the costs as impact of improving their procurement system of purchasing energy commodities, especially gas and electricity. It also refers to e-auction and commodity exchange as examples of the specific instruments. The practical part contains the survey conducted among organizations of public sector.
Do Subsidies from the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovations Improve Financial Performance of their Recipients?
Scholle, Jan ; Pavel, Jan (advisor) ; Dufek, Luboš (referee)
The thesis is focused on the effectiveness of the subsidies granted from the structural funds of the European Union. Its aim is to verify whether subsidies improve financial performance of their recipients. The thesis is based on the theoretical concept of subsidies and empirical studies proving their either positive or negative effects on the economy. It further analyzes effects of subsidies granted from the Operational programme "Podnikání a inovace" (Enterprise and Innovations) on financial performance of their recipients in following years using the instruments of statistics and econometrics. The results are compared with financial performance of the members of a control group consisting of unsuccessful subsidy applicants in respective period. The thesis comes to the conclusion that subsidies have very weak positive effect on financial performance of their recipients.
Sources of information on income and expenditure of municipalities and its utilization
Richter, Martin ; Sedmihradská, Lucie (advisor) ; Dufek, Luboš (referee)
The master thesis focuses on the management of the municipality and its sources of information. Thesis mainly applies on the information based on the accounting reform of public finances in 2010. The aim is to describe the information, show its explanatory power and its power in the control of the municipality management performed by taxpayer. In terms of the volume of resources, taxpayers should to be the most important stakeholder group using municipality management information. They provide the largest amount of funds as a form of compulsory payments to the public exchequer for providing activities of the municipality. The last part of thesis presents information on the usability of the data on the economy of the town Semily in 2013.
Post-contractual behavior of selected government public administration organs
Pospíšil, Václav ; Pavel, Jan (advisor) ; Dufek, Luboš (referee)
The main theme of this thesis is analysis of post-contractual behavior of selected organs of government public administration. These processes, related to contracts concluded between public authorities and suppliers, are, however, often accompanied by problems. Their identification is then primary objective. This thesis focuses mainly on contractual amendments to the public procurement of selected organs. It focuses on their frequency in relation to the type of contract and whether they comply with the law. For this purpose, the collection and analysis of data, ie information on completed public procurement, is crucial.
Municipal budgetary process
Jandová, Ivana ; Sedmihradská, Lucie (advisor) ; Dufek, Luboš (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to evaluate the budgetary process of municipality Byšice, particularly to evaluate budgetary changes implemented in 2007 - 2012. The work focuses on the number of budgetary changes, the development of budgetary changes during the financial year and also identify items that were frequently changed. At the same time, the work focuses on the transparency of the budgetary changes and budget process as a whole and the impact of weaknesses of legislation on the transparency. Important part is the evaluation how citizens in Byšice are informed about the budget process. Descriptive, analytical method and an interview are used in the thesis.
Analysis of the market concentration in public procurement markets
Kolorosová, Barbora ; Pavel, Jan (advisor) ; Dufek, Luboš (referee)
This master thesis is focused on the market concentration in six sectors of public procurements in the Czech Republic, and the relationship between level of market concentration, profitability of the companies, final price and number of bids. The analyzed procurements refer to food industry, electricity, postal and telecommunications services, solar energy, IT and automotive sector from period of 2007-2010. Concentration ratio, Herfindahl-Hirschman index and Gini coefficient were used to quantify market concentration. The first four of above mentioned public procurement markets seem to be highly concentrated according to these indicators; the remaining two cases are unconcentrated or moderately concentrated. Correlation analysis was used for each sector. The analyzed variables were: market shares of the companies, their profitability, average number of bids and average proportion of the final and expected price in tenders which the company won. Further, the relationship between market concentration indicators and average variables for the relevant sectors was assessed.

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