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The prohibition of consumer's discrimination
This bachelor thesis describes consumer protection, especially the prohibition of consumer's discrimination. It defines a role of consumer which results from the Czech law and from the European directives and regulations. It focuses on description of the forms of circumvention of enacted legislative, for example geo-blocking or other discriminations practices which are based on the country of origin, gender, age etc. Furthermore, the thesis focuses on the finding and interpretation of the case law of the Czech Supreme Administrative Court and Czech Constitutional Court and the consequences of the things mentioned above for the consumer and businessmen. The result of the thesis is the research of the consumer knowledge of mentioned issue, his rights and methods of available defence according to the law. The outcome of the thesis is also consumer's opinions about an ongoing pandemic COVID-19 and associated restrictions, which can be perceived as a form of discrimination of consumer.
Proposal of Part of Information System for Passengers
Daniel, Adam ; Jiřík, Leoš (referee) ; Luhan, Jan (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of designing a part of the information system for passenger. The proposed system is aimed at providing clear information about driving a recreational-tourist train. The outcome is a web portal that processes data about the train ride and then presents it to potential customers.
Proposal of Part of Information System for Selected Company
Daniel, Adam ; Chlebík, Ján (referee) ; Luhan, Jan (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is a design of the part of Information System for the chosen company. Designed system will be focused on effective control and reporting of employees work. A result will be comprendious online tool, which will be used for evidence of the work and its analysis according to needs of management of the company.

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