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Founding in region of Velké Bílovice
Moravčík, Martin ; Masopust, Jan (referee) ; Brdečková, Helena (advisor)
Bachelor's thesis got two parts. In teoretical part I examene geology and geomorfology of region Velké Bílovice. Half of practical part analyse laboratory samples that are taken from Velké Bílovice. I tested samples for physical and index properties and mechanical properties. Second half of practical part is design and assessment of gravity wall by EC 1997. Earth pressures are calculated by ČSN 73 0037. Geological conditions for gravity wall are calcareous clays from examined properties and loess by [5]. Assessment was controled with computer program GEO5.
Design of Deep Fundation of Elderly Care Home in Plzeň
Janočo, Martin ; Fiala, Radek (referee) ; Brdečková, Helena (advisor)
The objective of this bachelor’s thesis is design of pile foundation of a building in specific geological conditions. The design is based on engineering geology report of the area and a scheme of loads on foundations. Calculations are executed in spreadsheet software Excel and in geotechnical software GEO5 – Pile module. Finally, these calculations are compared with Plaxis 2D output.
Landslides in shallow Neogene basins along the southwestern margin of the Carpathian Foredeep in Moravia
Brdečková, Helena ; Glisníková, Věra (referee) ; Hrubešová,, Eva (referee) ; Boštík, Jiří (advisor)
The Carpathian foredeep is a lengthwise depressed area in the Carpathian foreland. In Moravia, it is mainly filled with Neogene soils. The thesis focuses on the South Moravian landslides which occurred in shallow relicts of Neogene deposits along a foredeep margin which lie on the rocks of the Bohemian Massif. Landslide activity within these shallow basins is a result of a number of factors. In the theoretical part, important general features of landslide areas, their geological conditions and hydrogeological regime are investigated. Next, available data on the geomechanical behaviour of soils, often connected with these landslides, are summarized and evaluated. The case studies deal with the landslide localities Budkovice-Svízla, Brno-Bystrc and Znojmo. The case study of Budkovice-Svízla is based on an extensive engineering geological survey of the locality and the measurement of groundwater levels in the years 1988 – 2017. In the thesis, the hydrogeological regime of the area is analysed and a reconstruction of the ground surface before slope movement is carried out. The probable trigger mechanisms, the development of sliding and the efficiency of the executed remedies of the landslide are evaluated by numerical studies. In conclusion, general recommendations for an engineering-geological survey and building activities in the area of interest are formulated.
Design of Gravity Wall in Terms of Flysch Geology
Horňáková, Lenka ; Fiala, Radek (referee) ; Brdečková, Helena (advisor)
The bachelor´s thesis is divided to two main parts, from which first is focused on the theory of reinforced concrete retaining walls. The second, practical part deals with design and assessment of the cantilever breast wall supporting the sloping slope in place of annex of congress hall situated above the northern wall of Tatra´s hotel in Velke Karlovice. The labor contains processing of geomorphology and geology surrounding area, load, sample calculation cantilever breast wall and its assessment.
Founding in region of Palkovice
Poruba, Michal ; Erbenová, Alexandra (referee) ; Brdečková, Helena (advisor)
Objective of this bachelor´s thesis Foundation in region of Palkovice is to compare the conditions of foundations in different locations in the region of Palkovice. Calculations of bearing capacity of foundation soil and settlement analysis of the foundation structure were the criteria of comparison. Variants with and without groundwater were included in the calculations.
Founding of buildings from the scratch - Founding in Horní Štěpánov region
Ščudla, Martin ; Glisníková,, Věra (referee) ; Brdečková, Helena (advisor)
The thesis focuses on evaluation of foundation conditions in Horní Štěpánov region. From this region will be chosen three typical localities, for which will be designed appropriate foundation constructions (shallow or deep) which meet the bearing capacity and settlement. In the end of thesis will be comparison of those localities.
Foundation of the building in complex geotechnical conditions
Blinková, Magdaléna ; Fiala, Radek (referee) ; Brdečková, Helena (advisor)
The subject of this diploma thesis is the design of deep foundation highway bridge on D3 motorway in km 112.574, over Bošilecký stream and evaluation of geomorphological, geological and hydrogeological conditions and perform static calculation bridge foundation
Typical properties of Moravian foundation soils and their behaviour under load
Štainerová, Lenka ; Krmíčková,, Michaela (referee) ; Brdečková, Helena (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to describe the properties of foundation soil in Moravia. In the first part I show the properties of different types of foundation soils. The next part focuses on the physical - index and mechanical properties of sample. The conclusion of the thesis is evaluate the behavior of selected types of foundation soils under load.
The Design of the Deep Foundation of the Apartment Building in Vsetín
Fišman, David ; Glisníková, Věra (referee) ; Brdečková, Helena (advisor)
The topic of this bachelor thesis is optimal design of deep foundation of apartment building in flysch geology while respecting the static and economic aspects of problem. Design of foundation is based on recieved informations regarding load from upper structure and also on engineerging-geological survey which was made on the future building site of the planned construction. The calculation of solitary pilot is made by author manually in Smath and verified by GEO5.
Founding of buildings from the scratch - Founding in Kojetín region
Vanko, Peter ; Glisníková,, Věra (referee) ; Brdečková, Helena (advisor)
In the first part of bachelor work there is an area of Kojetín classified both geomorphologically and geologically. Next part is dedicated to the project and to the qualifying of the single footing in several locations with different spread conditions. The designed single footing are checked for bearing capacity and for settlement as well.

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