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Porovnání araneofauny dutin ovocných dřevin v okolí liniových staveb v okolí Brna
Bednařík, Martin
The aim of my bachelor thesis was to collect spiders in the cavities of fruit trees in selected alleys along the communications of third class. Identify and evaluate the effects of tree species, dimensions of the cavity opening and the environment for the presence of spiders. I have collected the spiders only with a help of newspapers traps for a period of one year. Selection and set new traps took place at the beginning of each month. I placed a total of 504 traps that caught the 157 spiders. Of these, only 33 were adult spiders belonging to 12 species. For juveniles were most abundant genus Philodromus with 76 individuals. Of the adult spiders were the most numerous species Pseudicius encarpatus and Micaria subopaca. The occurrence of spiders were affected primarily by the dimensions of inlets cavities. The surroundings did not influence the results. Occurrence of spiders throughout the year was relatively balanced. The richest month was April with 27 individuals.
Monitoring dynamiky půdní vlhkosti v agroekosystému
Bednařík, Martin
The aim of my thesis was to monitor and analyse the dynamics of soil moisture (Θ) through the gravimetric method using Kopecky's physical rollers (KFV) and the capacitance method using Theta Probe ML2x (FDR) and CS616 (TDR) sensors. The measurement took place in the cadastral areas of the village Vícemelice and Polkovice. I conducted 10 parallel measurement campaigns of KFV and Theta Probe in Vícemilice and 4 in Polkovice. CS616 sensors were located stationary in both locations throughout the whole period and provided continual time series Θ. In Vícemilice, Theta Probe undervalued by 11.4 % compared to the KFV. The CS616 undervalued by 6.5 % compared to KFV and overvalued by 3.9 % Theta Probe. In Polkovice, Theta Probe undervalued by 1 % compared to KFV. The CS616 sensors systematically overvalued compared to the other two methods. It overvalued by 40.9 % compared to KFV and by 42.1 % compared to Theta Probe. Furthermore, the overvaluation was higher with a greater depth, while it was only 11 % at the top layer. Lastly, a survey of the suction pressure of soil water in relation to Θ was conducted near Vícemilice and the results of Θ measured by CS616 sensors were compared to the values simulated by SoilClim model which is one of the tools used to monitor water supplies in soil, in particular the occurrence of drought at the national level. Based on the results obtained in the framework of the submitted thesis, it can be stated that the indirect methods, in particular the Theta Probe, have proven to be useful tools for monitoring soil moisture. Compared to the destructive method, they represent significant time savings and, due to their accuracy, they can be recommended for drought monitoring, calibration of mathematical models, satellite imaging, or testing of a variety of hypotheses related to the water balance in scientific experiments.
I2C-RS232 converter
Bednařík, Martin ; Zezula, Radek (referee) ; Zeman, Václav (advisor)
The objective of this thesis is to get familiar with function of I2C bus and microcontrollers AVR and study the principle of connecting microcontroller with the other circuits via this bus. Another goal is to design a device which will enable a communication between personal computer and controlled circuits. A part of this project is production of necessary microcontroller software equipment and to develop own communication protocol. Another output of this project is getting an overview of applied technologies, study possibili-ties of their additional usage and potential enlargement of device with another components.
Packet analyser for a Wireless Sensor Networks based on the standard IEEE 802.15.4
Bednařík, Martin ; Šimek, Milan (referee) ; Mráz, Ľubomír (advisor)
The objective of this thesis is to get familiar with wireless sensor networks technologies and with standard IEEE 802.15.4. and communication principle in wireless sensor networks built on this standard. Main goal of this project is to design a packet analyzer, which is capable to catch data on chosen channel and this data is able to analyze. Part of this project is production of necessary microcontroller software equipment. Another output of this project is do a research of available packet analyzers on market and compare them with analyzer build by this thesis.

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