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Numerical Analysis and Determination of Initial Rotational Stiffness of Bolted Connections
Buchníčková, Klára ; Balázs, Ivan
This paper deals with the determination of the initial rotational stiffness of some types of bolted connections used in steel structures. The assessment was performed using the finite element method. The connections were classified by their initial rotational stiffness as either rigid, semirigid or pinned according to EN 1993-1-8. The internal forces of a structure can be determined more accurately with the knowledge of connection stiffness which can contribute to the safe and reliable structural design of members.
Autosalon in Jihlava
Mátlová, Michaela ; Balázs, Ivan (referee) ; Pešek, Ondřej (advisor)
The aim of my thesis was to propose two variants of the steel construction of the car showroom. The ground dimensions of the structure are 35 x 50 meters. The building reaches a height of 8.8 m above the surrounding terrain. The building consists of two parts. The exhibition part of the car showroom will be partially glazed and also includes office space. The second part is the adjacent car workshop. The variants differ in the construction of the enclosure of the exhibition part of the car showroom. The work includes two static designs of the supporting steel structure of the car showroom. The winning variant of the frame construction a solution of selected details and drawing documentation.
Steel Structure of Sport Hall
Hrabovská, Kristýna ; Balázs, Ivan (referee) ; Horáček, Martin (advisor)
The principal aim of this thesis is to design and assess the steel structure of a new sports hall located in Slavkov u Brna. The hall should be used mainly for common collective ball sports. This fact places minimal requirements on the dimensions of the building. The hall has rectangular shape with dimensions of 61x30 meters, height of 12.5 meters and a saddle roof with angle of slope 10°. Its main frame is created of truss with pin-supported beams. The spatial rigidity of the structure is secured by longitudinal and sway bracings. The bars of the steel structure consist of rolled sections. The cladding of hall made of panels manufactured by Kingspan. Panels are supported by wall girts and roof purlins. A permanent load on the building is considered due to the weight of the steel structure and panels and variable load is considered due to the snow load and wind load. Steel S235 is used as the construction material.
Steel load-bearing structure of an industrial hall
Jaroš, Jakub ; Pešek, Ondřej (referee) ; Balázs, Ivan (advisor)
The bachelor´s thesis contains design of one-aisle industrial hall with span of 24 m, length of 72 m and height of the holder of craneway 9 m. In hall there are two cranes, first one with load capacity of 32/8 t and second one with load capacity of 12,5 t. The roof structure is designed as a system of truss girders and truss purlins. Spatial rigidity of the structure is secured by bracing. Main structural material is steel S235 JR+AR ČSN EN 10025-2. Drawings contain flor wiew and sections of hall and manufacturing drawings of truss.
Pedestrian Footbridge across River
Sotáková, Miroslava ; Balázs, Ivan (referee) ; Brosch, Petr (advisor)
The purpose of this thesis is the design of a load-bearing steel structure of a pedestrian footbridge across the river Opava. Two variants were taken into consideration - steel tied-arc footbridge and truss footbridge. Tied-arc variant with orthotropic deck was found the most suitable for detailed proposal. The span of the footbridge is 65,00 m and height of the structure is 7 m.
Steel structure of a sport hall
Lorenc, Jakub ; Horáček, Martin (referee) ; Balázs, Ivan (advisor)
The subject of this bachelor’s thesis is the design and assessment of main load-bearing elements of the steel structure of sport hall in Lužice. The building is of rectangular plan of dimensions 37,12x51 m and height 12,8 m. The load-bearing structure consists of arched truss girders, which are pin-supported by fixed columns. The distance between main trusses is 6 m and they are connected by purlins and girts. The spatial rigidity of the structure is ensured with a system of bracings. The structure elements are made of steel class S235, the cladding consists of sandwich panels.
Steel structure of industrial hall
Pavlas-Jirásek, Václav ; Horáček, Martin (referee) ; Balázs, Ivan (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the design of a main load-bearing steel structure of industrial hall with two overhead cranes. The floor plan dimensions are 24 × 60 m, height of building is 16 m. The main structure consists of pin-supported symetrical truss girders on columns with centre to centre spacing 12 m. The truss purlins are pin-supported on the girders. The columns are fixed in the lateral direction. Spatial rigidity of the structure is secured by system of bracing. The base material is steel of class S355.
Reverification of the roof structure of St. Catherine church in Kateřinky
Bayer, Petr ; Balázs, Ivan (referee) ; Pešek, Ondřej (advisor)
Church of St. Catarine is located in Opava-Kateřinky, Kostelní 119/1. Due to the extensive damage to the truss structure, a survey was conducted focusing on the geometry of individual elements and their harm (extent of cracks and incidence of woodworm and mold). On the basis of the data obtained, a control calculation of truss elements above the main part of the church was performed (ultimate limit state (ULS) and the serviceability limit state (SLS)). Most elements were found to be satisfactory. However, replacing the most damaged parts of the elements is necessary.
Orságová, Martina ; Balázs, Ivan (referee) ; Horáček, Martin (advisor)
Thesis contains variants of design and check of the steel structure of museum situated in Brno. The disposition of the building is three storey structure with a story height of 4meters. The building has a rectangular cross looking shape with dimensions 120x80meters. The height of the structure is 21m . Load bearing beams are 6m apart. The main load bearing structure is made of steel beams, truss beams, columns and stiffeners. Global stiffness is provided by concrete cores, composite slabs and stiffeners beams. The roof is designed as a green variant. The facade is made of glass and Corten sheets. Ceilings is designed as steel-concrete composite deck. The main construction material is Steel S235 and Steel S355. The concrete parts are designed from Concrete C25/30.
Bus station roofing
Buchníčková, Klára ; Pešek, Ondřej (referee) ; Balázs, Ivan (advisor)
This Bachelor Thesis deals with the design and assessment of the steel structure of the bus station roofing. The span of the structure in the transverse direction is 35 m, the length is 40 m. The maximum height of the roof is 16,8 m. The structure consists of trusses in the shape of a wave supported by solid columns. The distance between the main frames is 5 m. Due to the asymmetrical shape of the truss, the columns of the main frames have different heights - 14 m and 5 m. The construction is designed for the Brno area.

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