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Agroforestry - potential for regional development and sustainable rural landscape
Krčmářová, Jana ; Bahenský, František ; Brendzová, Alica ; Kala, Lukáš ; Szabó, Péter
The aim is to evaluate the benefits and constraints of using agroforestry systems (AFS) in Czechia with a focus on the socio-economic, legal and environmental context. The project will evaluate planting of trees on arable land in areas affected by soil erosion and drought, and animal husbandry combined with tree components. Based on detailed literary review, socio-ethnological surveys, production and economic data gathered from farmers, the AFS benefits on the agricultural land will be fully evaluated. Furthermore, legislative constrainst and opportunities for tree growing on agricultural land will be analyzed. The final outputs will be the scientific publications and, in particular, the documents (methodologies) for the application and implementation of the agroforestry system in Czechia.
Němečtí vědci v ruské akademii věd v první polovině 18. století a jejich podíl na utváření vědeckého obrazu instituce
Bahenský, František
The study deals with German scholars in the Russian Academy of Sciences in the first half of 18th. Century. The author tried to illustrate, using selected examples from acadenic life in St. Petersburg, how fundamental the „German“ scientists contribution was to all key operations of the Academy of Science. Central European scientists played a decisive role in establishing this institution in the Russian environment
The Institute of ethnography and folklore of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences in the light of their journals production in the years 1953-1963
Bahenský, František
The study deal with history of Institute of ethnography and folklore in the first years of existence that would academic institution trough his two central journals Cesky lid and Ceskoslovenska etnografie
Content analysis of the main ethnological journals of the years 1970-1975 with taking account to the period 1964-1969
Bahenský, František ; Woitsch, Jiří
Detailed content analysis of the most important Czechoslovak ethnological journals (Český lid, Slovenský národopis, Národopisné aktuality, Národopisný věstník československý) from the period 1964-1975 documents and reveals changes in the theory, methodology as well as in topics studied in the Czechoslovak ethnology. An emphasis on political and ideological influence over science is laid.
The institutional basis of the Czech Ethnography in the years of creating socializm and structure of fundamental Ethnographic and Folkloristic journals
Petráňová, Lydia ; Bahenský, František
The study analysis the history of the ethnography branch first on the Czech universities and academic institutions in the beginning of communist time in Czechoslovakia. The article is complete by analysis of the main ethnographic journals.
The structure of fundamental Ethnographic and Folkloristic journals in the years 1953-1963
Bahenský, František
This article discuss about the structure of basic ethnographic and folkloristic journals 1953-1962. From the H. Müllers work Česká národopisná bibliografie was used the system of classify.

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