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Dostupnost chladnokrevných hřebců pro zapouštění klisen v přirozené plemenitbě
The diploma thesis deals with the availability of cold blood stallions for mating with mares in natural breeding. There are currently three breeds of cold blood horses in the Czech Republic. It is a Noriker horse, a Silesian horse and a Czech-Moravian Belgian horse. In 2020, the total number of horses in the Czech Republic was 92 172, of which 1 352 were Noric horse, 1 365 Silesian horse and 1 971 Czech-Moravian Belgian horse. A total of 132 cold blooded stallions and 532 cold blooded mares were included in the monitoring, which were reproductive active between 2017-2019. In stallions, the age structure, the development of basic body dimensions, the proportion of original genes, the level of performance achieved and the location of the stallion, i.e., the breeding station were monitored. In the case of cold blood mares, the location of the mare was monitored, which was important for determining the distance to the selected stallion. Finally, an economic evaluation was performed
Porovnávání růstu a stavby těla chladnokrevných hřebců
The thesis deals with the comparison of growth and physique of the draught-horse stallions. There are three main draught-horse breeds in the Czech Republic - Noriker, Silesian Noriker and Bohemian-Moravian Belgian horse. Currently, the amount of these draugt-horses decrease significantly and we should pay more attention to their preservation. In total, 45 Bohemian-Moravian Belgian stallions, 16 Silesian Norikers and 12 Norikers were involved in the monitoring. The stallions were measured in the age between 6 months and 2,5 years. During the measurement, the basic body size, main size and body weight were measured and selected body indexes were calculated. The measurement took place in Humňany (Zemský hřebčinec Písek, s.p.o.), in Janovice u Trutnova (Chov koní Dvorka) and in Proseč pod Křemešníkem (Farma Hrnčíř). All the body sizes collected at the age of 2,5 years were in accord with the sizes required for the acceptance of the stallions to studbooks (except for circumference of foreshank of the Bohemian-Moravian Belgian breed).

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2 Baloušková, Lenka
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