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Aging population in the Czech Republic and its consequences
Tomsová, Veronika ; Prášilová, Marie (advisor) ; Anna, Anna (referee)
The thesis deals with the demographic progression in the Czech republic and consequences of population ageing. Teoretical part characterize basic concepts related to demography, ageing and the pension system and describe causes and consequences of population ageing. Analytical part is focused on period from 2005 to 2015. Process of population ageing is evalueted using selected indicators. Evaluation of progression population, age composition, average age, life expentancy and selected indices are part of thesis. Data relating to pension system are analyzed in the context of ageing population. Method of time series analysis was used for analysis and prediction selected indicators. The thesis contains suggestions and recommendations relating to the evalueted indicators.
Statistical analysis of beekeeping in Vysočina region and prediction of it is future development
Musil, Radovan ; Prášilová, Marie (advisor) ; Anna, Anna (referee)
This diploma thesis analysis selected indicators from beekeeping in 2005-2015 in region Vysočina. Diploma thesis analysis, development of number of beehives, number of beekeepers, number of beehives per beekeeper and production of honey in region Vysočina. Diploma thesis calculate trends of development of these time series and predict their development to the future. These indicators are very interesting, not just because of production of honey and recreational function of beekeeping, but mainly because of pollination. Without bees crop yields would decrease rapidly and from landscape would disappear a lots of plants. That is why it is important to whole agriculture if they can count on pollination by bees. Diploma thesis also analysis numbers of beehives and numbers of beekeepers divided to groups by number of beehives per beekeeper in region Vysočina and their development between years 2010 and 2015. Thesis also contains questionnaire made in population of region Vysočina. This questionnaire finds out consumption of honey of population of Vysočina and their habits and preferences in shopping and consuming honey. Conclusion of thesis is prediction of development of beekeeping in Vysočina and recommendation of future steps for further development of this field.
Foreign Trade Case study of Brasil
Poche, Benedikt ; Maitah, Mansoor (advisor) ; Anna, Anna (referee)
Aim of my thesis with theme Foreign trade study case of Brazil is a complex analysis and evaluation of forein trdade of Brazil in a particular time including social economic analysis of Indonesian environment. Diploma thesis is composed of theoretical and practical part. Theoretical part explains concrete terms and context of international trade. Practical part analyzes international trade of Brazil with its development and changes in territory and commodity sphere. Practical part also includes mutual goods exchange with it`s main partners aimed on commodity structure of export and import. Final chapter concludes overall summary
Hygienic safety of outdoor playgrounds with sandbox
Abertová, Jana ; Borůvka, Luboš (advisor) ; Anna, Anna (referee)
Playgrounds represent danger of a direct input of hazardous substances into children`s organism, that`s why they require a special attention. The diploma thesis deals with hygienic safety of outside playgrounds with sandpits in scope of valid legislation and medical risks, which might be caused by contamination. The aim of the thesis is to assess the level of microbiological, parasitical and chemical contamination and hygienic safety of sand in outside playgrounds with sandpits in Hradec Kralove. To check the contamination, samples of sand were taken in outside playgrounds with sandpits destined for children in Hradec Kralove. Safety parameters of taken samples were rated according to notice No. 238/2011 Coll., about setting of hygienic requirements for swimming pools, saunas and hygienic limits for sand in sandpits of outside playgrounds. The evaluation of samples was concentrated on microbiological, chemical and parasitical contamination of sandpits, which was analyzed by Medical Institute based in Usti nad Labem. The influence of position of playground within the town (city center vs. outskirts), time of collecting samples and age of each sandpit were judged. The sandpits in Hradec Kralove in the years 2014 and 2015 were microbially contaminated over established limits only in one case. Parasitical or chemical contamination was not found in any case. Next conclusion is that sandpits at end of season are contaminated by microorganisms about 18 % more often than at start of season and at the same time that sandpits in city center are contaminated about 14 % more frequently than in outskirts. New sandpits are often contaminated by thermotolerant coliform bacteria than old sandpits. From the point of view of chemical contamination, sandpits in city center are more contaminated by chemicals, however statistical difference is not significant. The discovered values of sand at start and end of season were misrepresented by addition of sand in sandpits in the course of main season. Sandpits in Hradec Kralove had a high level of hygienic safety, which is determined in law No 258/2000 Coll., about protection of public health.
A comparison of the level and development of beekeeping between two neighbouring areas -the Ústecký Region and the Sachsen Freistaat
Šťastná, Anna-Marie ; Prášilová, Marie (advisor) ; Anna, Anna (referee)
The diploma work provides an analysis and comparison of the development in apiculture (bee-keeping) and of its present state in the Czech Republic and Germany. Attention with regard to apiculture is mostly paid to the two neighbouring regions: Ústí nad Labem Region and The Free State of Saxony. The practical part first discusses the major guidelines in the development and status of apiculture both in the Czech Republic and Germany on the one hand, and in the Ústí nad Labem Region and Saxony on the other. Particular attention is given to the indices of quantification of beekeepers and bee colonies, the overall annual honey production and the average annual honey production per one bee colony. Attention is also given to the indices of the average honey consumption in both countries, to foreign trade in which honey is the commodity and to the rate of fund raising in support of bee keeping. The statistical data were provided by Czech beekeepers union, Regional Authority of the Usti Region, German Beekeepers Association, Federal Ministry of Food and Agricuture and the Saxon State Ministry for Enviroment and Agriculture. The diploma work, according to the obtained statistic data, offers a prediction of the future development in apiculture, again with regards to the two regions discussed. The final part and the conclusions contain suggestions and recommendations concerning the development of apiculture in the Czech Republic and in the Federal Republic of Germany.
The economy analysis of state budget´s revenues and expenditures in the Czech Republic
Ročková, Kamila ; Maitah, Mansoor (advisor) ; Anna, Anna (referee)
This thesis is devoted to the economy analysis of state budget´s revenues and expenditures in the Czech Republic, focusing on chapter 307 of the state budget Ministry of Defence. The thesis is divided into both theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part contains the explanation of basic concepts that concern public finances in the Czech Republic. The practical part includes analysis of budget revenues and expenditures in the Czech Republic as whole and the Ministry of Defence. In conclusion the thesis is to evaluate the economy of the Czech Republic and chapter 307 of the state budget Ministry of Defence and the draft measures that would lead to an eventual improvement in the state economy and specific chapters.
Development of public debt in Czech republic
Dvořáková, Eva ; Maitah, Mansoor (advisor) ; Anna, Anna (referee)
The subject of this diploma thesis is to analyse the development of public debt in the Czech Republic between years 1993 and 2014. The text is divided into two main parts, the section about theoretical basis of this topic and the section which contains practical knowledge about specific aspects of the Czech public sector. The theoretical part briefly defines basic terms and facts of the public debt, such as public sector, budgetary system and public debt classification. The second part focuses on real-life functioning of the Czech public sector, so there are introduced Czech budgetary system and budget process and various methodological frameworks for debt analyses. The final and most significant part of the thesis deals with the real values of state, municipality and government indebtedness, emphasis is placed on the development trends.
Demographic development in the Czech Republic in the frame of territorial solidarity
Pánková, Veronika ; Prášilová, Marie (advisor) ; Anna, Anna (referee)
Demographic development of population is the important phenomenon within the cohetion regions of the Czech Republic. It helps to evaluate social, economic and political level in the Czech Republic. The objective of my Thesis is the evaluation of the demographic development of 8 regions in a Framework of the European Union since the origin of the Czech Republic regional system in 2000 up to 2014. I have also described the basic demographic elements for this development evaluation-gender amount of population, new born, diseased people and also their abortion, number of marriages and divorces with the emphasis of migration. The Thesis is focused on natural population growth in particular regions. Surplus value of the population growth has always been the positive phenomenon for peopleś quality life judgement. On the other hand the minus value has shown the decrease of population caused by the higher amount od diseased than new born.
The role of immune cells in tumor growth and spontaneous regression in a rat sarcoma model
Kovalská, Jana ; Chmelíková, Eva (advisor) ; Anna, Anna (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to study differences between sexes of rats in tumour growth, the difference in immune response between rats with progressing and spontaneously regressing tumours compared to control rats and verification of immunological memory. We used Lewis rat model with subcutaneously inoculated sarcoma. Peripheral blood of males showed a higher number of red blood cells, a higher concentration of haemoglobin and higher haematocrit compared to females. Experimental females with inoculated sarcoma had higher levels of CD161 (NK) cells at the beginning of experiment in comparison with the experimental and control males and control females. A strong infiltration of NK cells was observed in tissue sections of spontaneously regressing sarcoma compared to progressing tumours tissue. Important factors that can influence if the animal will show tumour progression or spontaneous regression are neutrophil granulocytes (they can induce both tumour-supporting and anti-tumour response), vascularization and extent of necrosis in tumour tissue. We have verified immunological memory in a small group of females by the secondary inoculations of the same tumour cells after complete disappearance of primary, spontaneously regressing tumour. No sarcoma repeatedly evolved in any of the females. Results obtained in the present work brought new insights into the problems of tumour in the Lewis rat sarcoma model with inoculated sarcoma. These results may have significance also for area of clinical oncology due to similarities with the behaviour of some human cancers.
Concept of redevelopment of recreational zone on Vítkov hill
Podhradský, Jan ; Novotný, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Anna, Anna (referee)
This thesis is focused on finding a new redevelopment of recreational zone on the Vítkov hill. In the introductory part we are acquainted with basic problems of public spaces and public greenery. In the second part I made analyses of current status of the area. Consequences of analyses point out several problems to solve. In the last part I proposed new redevelopment of recreational zone, which is supposed to eliminate the problems of the area.

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