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Hodnocení stavu lesních geobiocenóz přírodní rezervace Palkovické hůrky (okres Frýdek-Místek)
Žáček, Pavel
The aim of this thesis was to determine the current state of forest stands in the territory of the PR of Palkovické hůrky. On established areas, perform control measurements of dendrometric characteristics and perform phytocenological imaging on the most widespread forest types. As part of the field investigation, assess the occurrence of forestry-significant pests and pathogens on individual tree species. The results of individual phytocenological images show that herb species diversity has decreased in 75 % of forest types. However, the total cover of these species was reduced to only 58 % of forest types. From individual measurements on dendrometric plots, it was found that the vegetation stock increased in 66 % of cases. If there was a decrease in the vegetation stock, it was solely due to the death of a large number of individuals of Norway spruce, mountain elm or Norway ash. The highest increase in stock occurred in forest type 4S1, where the stock doubled. The significant die-off of spruce contributes to the improvement of the evaluation of the naturalness of forests. In the future, in the nature reserve Palkovické Hůrky, there is an assumption that within the framework of this assessment, a forest close to nature will become a natural forest. Finally, according to the facts and findings, forestry management was proposed in the given natural conditions.
Aortic valve conserving surgery in patients with aortic regurgitation
Holubec, Tomáš ; Žáček, Pavel (advisor) ; Lonský, Vladimír (referee) ; Tláskal, Tomáš (referee)
INTRODUCTION. In the last two decades, the vlave-conserving surgery of regurgitant heart valves has been evolving. The aortic valve-sparing operations have been developing rather over the last decade, despite the clear benefit of mitral valve repair has been shown. There is an indisputable advantage of valve-sparing operations attributed to the elimination of certain risks related to aortic valve replacement. Conversely, aortic valve repair is technically more demanding and there is a substantial risk of repair failure. AIM: The aim of this study is to analyze and assess short- and mid-term results of aortic valve-sparing operations in patients with aortic regurgitation, to examine the impact of aortic valve cuspidity (bicuspid or tricuspid) and different type of aortic repair (without and with root replacement) on the short- and mid-term results with regards to survival, reoperation and recurrence of aortic regurgitation (AR). Another aim is to assess the effectiveness and pulsatility of the external aortic ring annuloplasty in the patients' subgroup using cardiac-CT. METHODS. One hundred patients with aortic regurgitation (24 females; median age 52 years; range 23-77 years) underwent aortic valve-sparing operation between November 2007 and October 2012. Sixty patients had bicuspid aortic valve and...
Media view of Státní bezpečnost in dailies between November 1989 and June 1990
Trousilová, Alžběta ; Žáček, Pavel (advisor) ; Končelík, Jakub (referee)
Work called Media view of StB from November 1989 to Jun 1990 wants show the way of information in two basic dailys in Czechoslovakia after velvet revolution in November 1989. Daily Rude pravo was a newspaper of Communist party, daily Lidove noviny is connected with people, who was by communist regime persecuted. Powered by TCPDF (
The Operative Files of the Security and their Registration (1954-1957)
Žáček, Pavel
The publication of registration protocol of the State Security and the disclosure of individual files of the communist secret police has prompted a public disccusion and questioning of the validity or credibility of the officials acts undertaken by State Security officials.
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Ethological manifestation of bulls during fattening
ŽÁČEK, Pavel
The object of graduation theses was catch up the basic category of bull´s behaviour (food taking, resting, standing, movement). The bulls are stabled in free full grating system and they are here from start until the end of fattening with regard to racial differences among them. Average time of taking feed during whole fattening was 4.68 hours (19.4 %). Average time of caregory´s movement durinng whole fattening was 1.30 hours (5.4 %). Average time of resting was 13.41 hours (56.0 %). Average time of standing was 4.62 hours (19.2 %).
Coming to Terms with the Communist Past
Žáček, Pavel
Difficulties faced in the process of coming to terms with the Communist past.

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