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Representation of Genetics in International Biology Olympiad
Šinknerová, Eliška ; Rothová, Olga (advisor) ; Matějková, Tereza (referee)
I chose this topic because biological competitions are an essential part of high school biology education. These competitions provide students with valuable opportunities to develop their skills in the field and can be highly motivating. The main goal of this thesis is to describe and analyse the representation of genetics and various genetic disciplines in the assignments of the last ten rounds of International Biology Olympiad (IBO) and to compare the representation of assignments from different disciplines in different countries. Another goal is to compare the frequency of genetic questions according to Bloom's taxonomy, the type of used representation and level of organization. This thesis focuses on the analysis of questions from genetics in IBO in the years 2009-2018. Genetics can be considered a discipline that binds most areas of biology, all its organizational levels, and it is a fundamental part of biology, thus being good field to examine this way. I divided the analysed questions into biological disciplines and questions belonging to genetics into the categories of Bloom's taxonomy (revised version), according to the representation used (diagram, graph, family tree, photo, table, taxonomic tree, map, electrophoresis result diagram, spectrometry result diagram, northern blot result...
Marfan syndrome, the main genetic causes
Šinknerová, Eliška ; Rothová, Olga (advisor) ; Daňková, Pavlína (referee)
This thesis is a review with the topic of Marfan syndrome (MFS) that hasn't been sufficiently described in Czech scientific literature yet. The first chapters pursue general informations and history of research of MFS, which was first desribed in 1896 and following research continued. During 1990s the main interest was to describe manifestations of Marfan syndrome and to find main genetic causes. Research continues until today and it is focused on searching specific mutations causing this syndrome. The thesis furthermore describes clinical manifestations classical MFS and neonatal MFS, e. g. manifestations in many body systems as sketal, cardiovascular, pulmonar and other systems. Thesis is focused on process which enables to diagnose MFS. The main part of the thesis is a desctiption of molecular nature and genetic aspects of this syndrome. The thesis describes in detail gene FBN1 and different types of mutationon which are responsible for formation of MFS. Attention is paid to genotype/phenotype correlation. This thesis also includes suggestions for work with this topic (MFS) in teaching at high schools and grammar schools.

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