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Visitor perception of ZOO animals welfare, except mammals
Welfare aka comfortable life style of animals is a state when an animal is balanced with environment. All requirements are fulfilled for its physical and mental health. If the animal is healthy, we expect all requirements checked. Mentioned requirements of welfare set Webster in 1999. He made up a theory of 5 freedoms which has to follow every breeder to keep physical and mental health of animals. Welfare is doing very well in ZOO, because it keeps all animals needs fulfilled as much as possible. I made questionnaire for visitors to find out interest about welfare in one of unnamed Zoo. There were 200 filled questionnaire during July, August and September of 2017. The target of this work was to find out an interest about animal welfare in certain ZOO. Other target was finding out the most and the least happy animal by visitors.
Behaviour of meerkats (\kur{Suricata suricatta}) in ZOOs
Meerkat (Suricata suricatta) comes under moongooses beasts of prey which can as a dominant individual live up to 11 years and up to 4-5 years as a subordinate. Meercat is an insectivore based in south Africa, mostly forming social groups which may consist of 3 to 50 members. The group itself is usually composed of dominant couple which is commonly responsible for reproduction, and several facilitators which participate in various tasks, such as taking care about whelps, looking for nutrition, lair maintenance or guarding against predators. The work itself was held in Zoo based in Jihlava since July until September 2015 on a group consisting of 9 meercats (4 juvenile, 5 adult) using method of direct observation. The main concern of the paper is to find correlation between a number of visitors of the Zoo and behaviour of meercats. Factors observed in order to assess the degree of the dependence were raking, passive behaviour and reactions to the visitors. Observations resilted in monitoring factors traffic does not affect on the behavior of meerkats.

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