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Hodnocení výnosových prvků lineárních a hybridních odrůd pšenice ozimé (Triticum aestivum)
ŠÍR, Josef
This diploma thesis is focused on the subject of winter wheat, specifically on the field of its use, agrotechnical requirements, growth phases, fertilization, weeds in its growth and the creation of economic yield. The aim of the work is to compare the yield elements of selected linear and hybrid varieties of winter wheat. For this purpose, an attempt was set up on the school farm of secondary school of agricul-ture in Tábor with the linear varieties Chiron, Atuan, Ascaban, Pirueta and the hy-brid varieties Hyking, Hybiza, Hyvento, Hydrock, Sofru, when during the vegeta-tion time was determined and evaluated seed density, the number of ears before harvest, the number of grains in an ear and the grain yield achieved.
Vliv hustoty výsevu na výnos u vybraných odrůd jarních obilnin
ŠÍR, Josef
Bachelor thesis focuses on cereals and their significance, individual phases of basic soil treatment, creation of economic yield, weeds and chemical means to regulate them. The aim of the work is to extend knowledge about factors that affect the density of sowing of selected varieties of spring cereals. In order to determine the impact of different density of sowing on the elements of the yield structure of the following varieties of spring cereals - wheat Kabot, barley Manta, barley Kvorning, barley Vendela, oats Poseidon and oats Ozon was founded an attempt at the school farm of SOŠ zemědělská Tábor. During the growing season, the basic yield elements were evaluated on the plot of land - the number of plants per m2, the number of ears per m2. During vegetation, the presence of weeds in cultivated spring cereals was discovered. During harvesting, the yield of the various varieties of spring cereals was examined.

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