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Restoration of concrete sculpture
Červinka, Josef ; Říhová, Vladislava
Much attention is paid in contemporary domestic and foreign research to the rehabilitation of concrete, but it is mostly focused on architectural works and their surfaces. Concentrated research into conservation and restoration strategies of smaller sculptural works is unique. The aim of the presented historic preservation procedure was to verify on a reference project (Alois Šutera’s sculpture Hudebník (Musician) from 1965 in Přerov cemetery) a method of the repair of a concrete sculpture that would fulfil as much as possible the conditions for the rehabilitation of concrete structures and was carried out in accordance with the restoration of sculptures of inorganic materials under preservation care. An innovative surface treatment technique has been used during the restoration of the sculpture, which might lead in the future to efficient protection without considerable aesthetic changes and obliteration of traces proving the existence of the work in time. The aim of the technique based on mineral coating is to fill small cracks and larger pores in the surface of the sculpture without erasing the surface structure that enables the readability of earlier, possibly partially authorial additions.
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Methodology of archival survey of works of art from the second half of the twentieth century in public space
Říhová, Vladislava ; Křenková, Zuzana
The aim of the methodology is to acquaint the professional public with the possibilities of archival research of works of art from the second half of the twentieth century situated in architecture and in the public space. Its origin is related to the ever more pressing problems of the preservation of these artistic implementations. The spectrum of usable written and pictorial sources ranges from private archives and estates of artists or architects to variously thorough documentation in regional museums and galleries and to funds in which the official approval procedures for the works are recorded; these took place on the level of state authorities (national committee) and within the agenda of professional organizations. The text provides basic orientation in archival funds. It focuses above all on more systematic possibilities of research in the archival materials of the Czech Visual Arts Fund’s company Dílo. With this originator, which centrally administered orders for artwork commissions in the socialist state from 1954, it is possible to study the works not in isolation but in a wider context of their origin, within the framework of the individual regions, etc. The methodology includes segmentation of regional funds of this kind and presents characteristic types of archival materials that can be used in the research.
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Methodology of preventive protection and exploration of laminate sculptures in exterior
Knotek, Vítězslav ; Červinka, Josef ; Křenková, Zuzana ; Říhová, Vladislava
The methodology is focused on preventive protection and exploration of polyester laminate sculptures placed in exterior. The introduction of the methodology briefly describes the history of development and use of polyester resins in Czechoslovakia. The characteristic damage occurring on laminate sculptures was described. The next part presents methods and procedures of field and laboratory research of laminate sculptures, which is evidenced by example studies. At the end of the methodology, suitable methods of preventive preservation and protection are discussed to maximize the lifetime of laminate sculptures.
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